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Michigan Metropolitan Migration Project Part I: Overview and Illustrative Data

Publication Abstract

Frey, William H. "Michigan Metropolitan Migration Project Part I: Overview and Illustrative Data." PSC Research Report No. 89-152. 7 1989.

The Michigan Metropolitan Migration Project, with funding from the Center for Population Research of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, assembled age- and sex- disaggregated migration stream data for 81 comparably defined metropolitan areas in 14 developed, market economy countries for a period around 1980, and in most cases, another period around 1970. Unique aspects of the Michigan data base are (a) that a common metropolitan unit definition is used for each area and country; and (b) that detailed migration stream data are assembled precisely in accordance with these metropolitan-area definitions. As a result of the fairly recent capability of most countries' census bureaus and central statistical offices to compile computer-generated migration tabulations according to user-requested boundaries, it became feasible to assemble a data set that would permit a comparative analysis of migration streams contributing to population change in large metropolitan areas.

Part I of this series presents an overview of the project, as well as illustrative data for each nation's regional systems, largest metropolitan areas and cities and suburbs.

Part II of this series describes the geographic definitions that were employed for each nation's metropolitan areas and regions.

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