Health services of sub-district health center for person with HIV/AIDS: Views of staff of health centers

Publication Abstract

Saengtienchai, Chanpen, and Jiraporn Kespichayawattana. 2003. "Health services of sub-district health center for person with HIV/AIDS: Views of staff of health centers." Journal of Health Science, 12(4): 573-83.

This qualitative research investigates the role of sub-district health centers in the AIDS epidemic in Thailand. We investigate the provision and receipt of services in relation to HIV/AIDS persons infected and their families. Data were derived from six focus group discussions held with staff from sub-district health centers in six provinces (Rayong, Trat, Phetchaburi, Prachuabkhirikan, Chiang Rai and Lampang). The findings indicated that the social and geographical proximity of sub-district health center staff to persons with HIV/AIDS and their families placed them in a unique position within the public health system to be of assistance. The health center not only provided primary care for infected persons but also served as a place for psychological support, advice, and help with accessing and coordinating assistance from other organizations and programs that provide aid. We conclude with suggestions on how to improve ability and efficiency of sub-district health center staff in services related to persons with HIV/AIDS

Country of focus: Thailand.

aids, knodel

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