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Supporting Students in Recovery on College Campuses: Opportunities for Student Affairs Professionals

Publication Abstract

Perron, Brian E., Ivana D. Grahovac, Joseph S. Uppal, Teresa M. Granillo, Jamie Shutter, and Carolyn A. Porter. 2011. "Supporting Students in Recovery on College Campuses: Opportunities for Student Affairs Professionals." Journal of Student Affairs Research and Practice, 48(1): 45-62.

Despite the significant attention that drugs and alcohol receive on college campuses, few resources and supports are available to students who are recovering from an addiction. Student affairs professionals are uniquely positioned to support these students with a variety of strategies. This article summarizes what is currently known about college students in recovery and ways that student affairs professionals can help build an infrastructure of formal and informal supports for this underserved and at-risk student population.

DOI:10.2202/1949-6605.6226 (Full Text)

Country of focus: United States of America.

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