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Intergenerational transfers and extended family roster: a new substudy of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics

Publication Abstract

Schoeni, Robert F., Suzanne M. Bianchi, Joseph Hotz, Judith A. Selzer, and Emily E. Wiemers. 2015. "Intergenerational transfers and extended family roster: a new substudy of the Panel Study of Income Dynamics." Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, 6(3): 319-330.

Family members provide support to each other at critical life stages. To better understand the pervasiveness, causes, and consequences of such support, a substudy of the United States (U.S.) Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) was created. A battery of questions on family relationships and intergenerational transfers was designed, pretested on a U.S. national telephone sample, and then administered in the 2013 wave of the PSID. These new data are available to the public. Given the extensive supporting data available on the respondents and members of their co-resident and non-co-resident family members – many of whom are interviewed themselves – the new substudy will become a valuable resource to researchers.


PMCID: PMC4552399. (Pub Med Central)

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