Assessing the need for a new nationally representative household panel survey in the United States

Publication Abstract

Moffitt, Robert, Robert F. Schoeni, Charles C. Brown, Lindsay Chase-Lansdale, Mick P. Couper, Ana V. Diez Roux, Erik Hurst, and Judith A. Seltzer. 2015. "Assessing the need for a new nationally representative household panel survey in the United States." Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, 40(1-4): 1-26.

We introduce this special issue on the critical matter of whether the existing household panel surveys in the U.S. are adequate to address the important emerging social science and policy questions of the next few decades. We summarize the conference papers which address this issue in different domains. The papers detail many new and important emerging research questions but also identify key limitations in existing panels in addressing those questions. To address these limitations, we consider the advantages and disadvantages of initiating a new, general-purpose omnibus household panel in the U.S. We also discuss the particular benefits of starting new panels that have specific targeted domains such as child development, population health and health care. We also develop a list of valuable enhancements to existing panels which could address many of their limitations.


PMCID: PMC4678926. (Pub Med Central)

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