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Ellis, A., X. Hu, C.E. Smith, Pamela E. Davis-Kean, and Ioulia Kovelman. 2018. "Sharing as a model for understanding division." Neuroreport, 29(11): 889-893. DOI. Abstract.

Feitosa, Mary F., Jennifer A. Smith, Sharon L. R. Kardia, David Weir, Erin Bakshis Ware, Jessica Faul, Shiow-yun Lin, Aldi T. Kraja, et al. 2018. "Novel genetic associations for blood pressure identified via gene-alcohol interaction in up to 570K individuals across multiple ancestries." PLOS ONE, 13(6): e0198166. DOI. Abstract.

Freedman, Vicki. 2018. "The Demography of Late-Life Disability." In Future Directions for the Demography of Aging: Proceedings of a Workshop edited by Hayward, Mark D., Majmundar, Malay K.. Washington D.C.: National Academies Press. DOI.

Gollier, Christian, and Miles Kimball. 2018. "Toward a Systematic Approach to the Economic Effects of Risk: Characterizing Utility Functions." Journal of Risk and Insurance, 85(2): 397-430. DOI. Abstract.

Harding, David J., Jeffrey Morenoff, Anh Nguyen, and Shawn D. Bushway. 2018. "Imprisonment and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from a Natural Experiment." American Journal of Sociology, 124(1): 49-110. DOI. Abstract.

Hicks, Andrew L., Mark S. Handcock, Narayan Sastry, and Anne R. Pebley. 2018. "Sequential Neighborhood Effects: The Effect of Long-Term Exposure to Concentrated Disadvantage on Children's Reading and Math Test Scores." Demography, 55(1): 1-31. DOI. Abstract.

Lee, Christine M., Isaac C. Rhew, Megan E. Patrick, Anne M. Fairlie, Jessica M. Cronce, Mary E. Larimer, Jennifer M. Cadigan, and Barbara C. Leigh. 2018. "Learning From Experience? The Influence of Positive and Negative Alcohol-Related Consequences on Next-Day Alcohol Expectancies and Use Among College Drinkers." Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 79(3): 465-473. DOI. Abstract.

Mistry, Ritesh, Trivellore Raghunathan, Mangesh S. Pednekar, Prakash C. Gupta, Surekha Appikatla, Namrata Puntambekar, Keyuri Adhikari, Maqsood Siddiqi, an, et al. 2018. "Longitudinal study of adolescent tobacco use and tobacco control policies in India." BMC Public Health, 18(1): 815. DOI. Abstract.

Moseson, Heidi, Christine Dehlendorf, Caitlin Gerdts, Eric Vittinghoff, Robert A. Hiatt, and Jennifer S. Barber. Forthcoming. "No one to turn to: low social support and the incidence of undesired pregnancy in the United States." Contraception. DOI. Abstract.

Nazroo, James, Meichu Chen, Pamela E. Davis-Kean, James S. Jackson, Afshin Zilanawala, Laia BÈcares, Yvonne Kelly, Lidia Panico, an, et al. Forthcoming. "Socioemotional wellbeing of mixed race/ethnicity children in the UK and US: Patterns and mechanisms." SSM - Population Health. DOI. Abstract.

Teter, Christian J., Christopher G. DiRaimo, Brady T. West, Ty S. Schepis, and Sean Esteban McCabe. Forthcoming. "Nonmedical Use of Prescription Stimulants Among US High School Students to Help Study: Results From a National Survey." Journal of Pharmacy Practice. DOI. Abstract.

Twardzik, Erica, Cathy L. Antonakos, Ross Baiers, Tamara Dubowitz, Philippa J. Clarke, and Natalie Colabianchi. 2018. "Validity of environmental audits using GigaPanÆ and Google Earth Technology." International Journal of Health Geographics, 17(1): 26. DOI. Abstract.

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