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Hall, Joshua, and Antonios Koumpias. Forthcoming. "Growth and variability of school district income tax revenues: Is tax base diversification a good idea for school financing." Contemporary Economic Policy. DOI. Abstract.

Barcelo, Helene, Jessica Faul, Eileen M. Crimmins, and Bharat Thyagarajan. 2018. "A Practical Cryopreservation and Staining Protocol for Immunophenotyping in Population Studies." Current Protocols in Cytometry, 84(1): e35. DOI. Abstract.

Chen, Bing, and Frank P. Stafford. Forthcoming. "A Farewell to ARMs or Ever Changing Market Segments?" The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics. DOI. Abstract.

Choi, HwaJung, Robert F. Schoeni, Linda G. Martin, and Kenneth M. Langa. 2018. "Trends in the Prevalence and Disparity in Cognitive Limitations of Americans 55-69 Years Old." The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, 73: S29-S37. DOI. Abstract.

Freedman, Vicki, Judith D. Kasper, and Alan Jette. Forthcoming. "Can Older Adults Accurately Report their Use of Physical Rehabilitation Services?" Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. DOI. Abstract.

Freedman, Vicki, Judith D. Kasper, Brenda C. Spillman, and Brenda L. Plassman. 2018. "Short-Term Changes in the Prevalence of Probable Dementia: An Analysis of the 2011-2015 National Health and Aging Trends Study." The Journals of Gerontology: Series B, 73: S48-S56. DOI. Abstract.

Garavan, H., Steven Heeringa, Dan Zahs, H. Bartsch, K. Conway, A. Decastro, R.Z. Goldstein, T. Jernigan, et al. Forthcoming. "Recruiting the ABCD sample: Design considerations and procedures." Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience. DOI. Abstract.

Massey, Douglas S., Brandon Wagner, Louis Donnelly, Sara McLanahan, Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Irwin Garfinkel, Colter Mitchell, and Daniel A. Notterman. 2018. "Neighborhood Disadvantage and Telomere Length: Results from the Fragile Families Study." RSF, 4(4): 28-42. DOI. Abstract.

Roche, Kathleen M., Todd D. Little, Sharon R. Ghazarian, Sharon F. Lambert, Esther J. Calzada, and John E. Schulenberg. Forthcoming. "Parenting processes and adolescent adjustment in immigrant Latino families: The use of residual centering to address the multicollinearity problem." Journal of Latina/o Psychology. DOI. Abstract.

Schulenberg, John E., Julie Maslowsky, Jennifer L. Maggs, and Robert A. Zucker. 2018. "Development Matters: Taking the Long View on Substance Use during Adolescence and the Transition to Adulthood." In Brief Interventions for Adolescent Alcohol and Substance Abuse edited by Monti, Peter M., Colby, Suzanne M., O'Leary Tevyaw, Tracy. New York: Guilford Publications.

Tang, Sandra, and Megan E. Patrick. Forthcoming. "Technology and interactive social media use among 8th and 10th graders in the U.S. and associations with homework and school grades." Computers in Human Behavior. DOI. Abstract.

West, Brady T., and Frauke Kreuter. 2018. "Strategies for Increasing the Accuracy of Interviewer Observations of Respondent Features." Methodology, 14(1): 16-29. DOI. Abstract.

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