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Dong, Liming, Vicki Freedman, Brisa Sanchez N, and C. Mendes de Leon F. 2019. "Racial and ethnic differences in disability transitions among older adults in the United States." The Journals of Gerontology: Series A, 74(3): 406-411. DOI. Abstract.

McCabe, Sean Esteban, Tonda L. Hughes, Brady T. West, Philip T. Veliz, and Carol J. Boyd. 2019. "DSM-5 Alcohol Use Disorder Severity as a Function of Sexual Orientation Discrimination: A National Study." Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 43(3): 497-508. DOI. Abstract.

Campbell-Sills, Laura, Ronald C. Kessler, Robert J. Ursano, Xiaoying Sun, Steven Heeringa, Matthew K. Nock, Sonia Jain, and Murray B. Stein. 2019. "Nicotine Dependence and Pre-Enlistment Suicidal Behavior Among U.S. Army Soldiers." American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 56(3): 420-428. DOI. Abstract.

Cliff, Betsy Q., Brady T. West, Helen Levy, A. Mark Fendrick, Angela Tsai Fagerlin, Christopher Krenz, Tyler N. A. Winkelman, Jonathan So, an, et al. 2019. "Attitudes About Consumer Strategies Among Americans in High-deductible Health Plans." Medical Care, 57(3): 187-193. DOI. Abstract.

Anderson, Lauren, Steven Heeringa, Ronald C. Kessler, Laura Campbell-Sills, Robert J. Ursano, Xiaoying Sun, Matthew K. Nock, Paul D. Bliese, et al. Forthcoming. "Prospective associations of perceived unit cohesion with postdeployment mental health outcomes." Depression and Anxiety. DOI. Abstract.

Freedman, Vicki, Jennifer C. Cornman, Deborah S. Carr, and Richard E. Lucas. Forthcoming. "Late Life Disability and Experienced Wellbeing: Are Economic Resources A Buffer?" Disability and Health Journal. DOI. Abstract.

Goetschius, Leigh G., Colter Mitchell, Luke W. Hyde, Christopher S. Monk, Tyler C. Hein, Whitney I. Mattson, Nestor Lopez-Duran, Hailey L. Dotterer, an, et al. Forthcoming. "Amygdala-prefrontal cortex white matter tracts are widespread, variable and implicated in amygdala modulation in adolescents." NeuroImage. DOI. Abstract.

Zimmer, Zachary S., Chi-Tsun Chiu, Yasuhiko Saito, Yu-Hsuan Lin, Mary Beth Ofstedal, and Carol Jagger. Forthcoming. "Does Religious Activity Distinguish the Mortality Experiences of Older Taiwanese? An Analysis Using Eighteen Years of Follow-Up Data." Journal of Religion and Health. DOI. Abstract.

West, Brady T., Michael R. Elliott, Zeina N. Mneimneh, James Wagner, Andy Peytchev, and Mark Trappmann. Forthcoming. "An Examination of an Interviewer-Respondent Matching Protocol in a Longitudinal CATI Study." Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology. DOI. Abstract.

de Vries, Paul S., Jennifer A. Smith, Sharon L. R. Kardia, David Weir, Erin Bakshis Ware, Jessica Faul, Zheng Wang, Michael R. Brown, et al. Forthcoming. "Multi-Ancestry Genome-Wide Association Study of Lipid Levels Incorporating Gene-Alcohol Interactions." American Journal of Epidemiology. DOI. Abstract.

Kowalski, Amanda. 2019. "Counting Defiers." PSC Research Report No. 19-893. 3 2019. Abstract. PDF.

Kowalski, Amanda. 2019. "A Model of a Randomized Experiment with an Application to the PROWESS Clinical Trial." PSC Research Report No. 19-894. 3 2019. Abstract. PDF.

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