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Handal, Alexis J., Lisbeth Iglesias-Rios, Paul J. Fleming, Mislael A. Valentín-Cortés, and Marie S. O'Neill. 2020. ""Essential" but Expendable: Farmworkers During the COVID-19 Pandemic-The Michigan Farmworker Project." American Journal of Public Health, 110(12): 1760-1762. DOI. Abstract.

Kavas, Serap, and Arland Thornton. 2020. "Beliefs About Family Change And Development In Turkey." PSC Research Report No. 20-897. 11 2020. Abstract.

O'Neil, Meghan, and Daniel Strellman. 2020. "The Hidden Cost of the Disease: Fines, Fees, and Costs Assessed on Persons With Alleged Substance Use Disorder." UCLA Criminal Justice Law Review, 4(1). Abstract. Public Access.

Sastry, Narayan, and Jesse Gregory. 2020. "Returning to New Orleans in the Year after Hurricane Katrina: Disparities by Race and the Effects of Flooding." PSC Research Report No. 20-896. 9 2020. Abstract.

Barber, Jennifer S., Karen B. Guzzo, Jamie Budnick, Sarah R. Hayford, Yasamin Kusunoki, and Warren B. Miller. Forthcoming. "Black-White Differences in Pregnancy Desire during the Transition to Adulthood." Demography. Abstract.

Clark, Anne, Yasamin Kusunoki, and Jennifer S. Barber. Forthcoming. "Mechanisms Linking High Residential Mobility to Decreased Contraceptive Use: The Importance of Method Availability." Social Problems.

Doshi, Monika, William D. Lopez, Hannah Mesa, Richard Bryce, Ellen Rabinowitz, Raymond Rion, and Paul J. Fleming. 2020. "Barriers & facilitators to healthcare and social services among undocumented Latino(a)/Latinx immigrant clients: Perspectives from frontline service providers in Southeast Michigan." PLOS ONE, 15(6): e0233839. DOI. Abstract.

Mesa, Hannah, Monika Doshi, William Lopez, Richard Bryce, Raymond Rion, Ellen Rabinowitz, and Paul J. Fleming. 2020. "Impact of anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies on frontline health and social service providers in Southeast Michigan, U.S.A." Health & Social Care in the Community, n/a(n/a). DOI. Abstract.

Sastry, Narayan, Katherine A. McGonagle, and Paula Fomby. 2020. "Effects of the COVID-19 Crisis on Survey Fieldwork: Experience and Lessons From Two Major Supplements to the U.S. Panel Study of Income Dynamics." Survey Research Methods, 14(2): 241-245. DOI. Abstract.

Hunter-Schlichting, DeVon, Jessica Faul, Eileen Crimmins, John Lane, Benjamin Cole, Zachary Flaten, Helene Barcelo, Ramya Ramasubramanian, et al. 2020. "Validation of a hybrid approach to standardize immunophenotyping analysis in large population studies: The Health and Retirement Study." Scientific Reports, 10(1): 8759. DOI. Abstract.

West, Brady T. 2020. "Designing Studies for Comparing Interviewer Variance in Two Groups of Survey Interviewers." In Interviewer Effects from a Total Survey Error Perspective. Chapman and Hall/CRC. DOI. Abstract.

Schober, Michael F., Frederick G. Conrad, Frederick G. Conrad, Christopher Antoun, Christopher Antoun, Andrew Hupp, Andrew Hupp, Alison W. Bowers, et al. 2020. "Interacting with Interviewers in Text and Voice Interviews on Smartphones." In Interviewer Effects from a Total Survey Error Perspective. Chapman and Hall/CRC. DOI. Abstract.

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