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Hauschildt, Katrina, and Sarah Burgard. Forthcoming. "Informal and Formal Social Integration Shape Eating and Drinking of Older Black and White Americans." Journal of Aging and Health. DOI. Abstract.

Smock, Pamela, and Christine R. Schwartz. 2020. "The Demography of Families: A Review of Patterns and Change." Journal of Marriage and Family, 82(1): 9-34. (Decade-in-review issue) DOI. Abstract. Public Access.

Kalousova, Lucie, Brian Xiao, and Sarah Burgard. 2019. "Material hardship and sleep: results from the Michigan Recession and Recovery Study." Sleep Health, 5(2): 113-127. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Jessica S., Alexis Blavos, Thomas S. Castor, Amy J. Wotring, Victoria R. Wagner-Greene, Tavis Glassman, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2019. "Manipulation Checking the Munchies: Validating Self-Reported Dietary Behaviors during Cannabis Intoxication." Human Ethology, 34: 10-16. DOI. Abstract.

Cross, Fernanda L., Deborah Rivas-Drake, Stephanie Rowley, Erika Mendez, Charo Ledon, Adreanne Waller, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2019. "Documentation-status concerns and Latinx parental school involvement." Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 5(1): 29-41. DOI. Abstract.

Bergmans, Rachel S., Richard C. Sadler, Julia A. Wolfson, Andrew Jones, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2019. "Moderation of the Association Between Individual Food Security and Poor Mental Health by the Local Food Environment Among Adult Residents of Flint, Michigan." Health Equity, 3(1): 264-274. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Michele M. Day, Ailiya Duan, Anna M. Heyblom, Dora Juhasz, Stephanie L. Misevich, Camille V. Phaneuf, Claire M. Saunders, et al. 2019. "You Can't Root for Both Teams!: Convergent Evidence for the Unidirectionality of Group Loyalty." Evolutionary Psychological Science, 5(2): 199-212. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Heitor B. F. Fernandes, Suzanne Cupal, and Gregory G. Homish. 2019. "Life history variation and the preparedness paradox." Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 13(3): 242-253. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., and Jessica S. Kruger. 2019. "Medical Cannabis Users' Comparisons between Medical Cannabis and Mainstream Medicine." Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 51(1): 31-36. DOI. Abstract.

Barber, Jennifer S., Warren Miller, Yasamin Kusunoki, Sarah R. Hayford, and Karen Benjamin Guzzo. 2019. "Intimate Relationship Dynamics and Changing Desire for Pregnancy Among Young Women." Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health, 51(3): 143-152. DOI. Abstract.

MacAfee, Lauren K., Roxanne F. Harfmann, Lindsay M. Cannon, Leah Minadeo, Giselle Kolenic, Yasamin Kusunoki, and Vanessa K. Dalton. 2019. "Substance Use Treatment Patient and Provider Perspectives on Accessing Sexual and Reproductive Health Services: Barriers, Facilitators, and the Need for Integration of Care." Substance Use & Misuse, 0(0): 1-13. DOI. Abstract.

Kusunoki, Yasamin, and Jennifer S. Barber. Forthcoming. "Intimate relationship dynamics and Women's expected control over sex and contraception." Contraception. DOI. Abstract.

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