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Hirth, Richard A., Yubraj Acharya, Helen Levy, and Kenneth M. Langa. Forthcoming. "Does Home Equity Affect Decisions on Long-Term Care Insurance Purchases? Evidence From the United States." Research on Aging. DOI. Abstract.

Barber, Jennifer S., Elizabeth Ela, Heather Gatny, Yasamin Kusunoki, Souhiela Fakih, Peter Rakesh Batra, and Karen Farris. Forthcoming. "Contraceptive Desert? Black-White Differences in Characteristics of Nearby Pharmacies." Journal of Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities. DOI. Abstract.

Kavas, Serap, and Arland Thornton. Forthcoming. "Developmental Idealism and Beliefs About Marriage and Fertility in Turkey." Population Research and Policy Review. DOI. Abstract.

Hoffman, G., Sarah Burgard, C. Mendez-Luck, and J. Gaugler. Forthcoming. "Interdependence in Health and Functioning Among Older Spousal Caregivers and Care Recipients." Western Journal of Nursing Research. DOI. Abstract.

Binder, Ariel, and John Bound. 2019. "The Declining Labor Market Prospects of Less-Educated Men." NBER Working Paper No. 25577 Abstract. Public Access.

Borza, Tudor, Edward Norton, Mary K. Oerline, Ted A. Skolarus, Justin B. Dimick, Bruce L. Jacobs, Lindsey A. Herrel, Chad Ellimoottil, et al. 2019. "Association Between Hospital Participation in Medicare Shared Savings Program Accountable Care Organizations and Readmission Following Major Surgery." Annals of Surgery, Publish Ahead of Print. DOI. Abstract.

Haymart, Megan R., Mousumi Banerjee, David Reyes-Gastelum, Elaine Caoili, and Edward Norton. 2019. "Thyroid Ultrasound and the Increase in Diagnosis of Low-Risk Thyroid Cancer." The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, 104(3): 785-792. DOI. Abstract.

Markovitz, Adam A., John M. Hollingsworth, John Z. Ayanian, Edward Norton, Nicholas M. Moloci, Phyllis L. Yan, and Andrew M. Ryan. 2019. "Risk Adjustment In Medicare ACO Program Deters Coding Increases But May Lead ACOs To Drop High-Risk Beneficiaries." Health Affairs, 38(2): 253-261. DOI. Abstract.

Jones, Nancy L., Stephen E. Gilman, Tina L. Cheng, Stacy S. Drury, Carl V. Hill, and Arline T. Geronimus. 2019. "Life Course Approaches to the Causes of Health Disparities." American Journal of Public Health, 109(S1): S48-S55. DOI. Abstract.

Wherry, Frederick F., Kristin Seefeldt, Anthony S. Alvarez, and Jose Quinonez. 2019. Credit where it's due: rethinking financial citizenship. Russell Sage Foundation. Abstract.

Norton, Edward, Bryan E. Dowd, and Matthew L. Maciejewski. Forthcoming. "Marginal Effects-Quantifying the Effect of Changes in Risk Factors in Logistic Regression Models." JAMA. DOI. Abstract.

Mehta, Neil, Pekka Martikainen, and Agneta Cederström. Forthcoming. "Age at Immigration, Generational Status, and Mortality among Children of Immigrant Mothers: a Longitudinal Analysis of Siblings." American Journal of Epidemiology. DOI. Abstract.

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