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Inglehart, Ronald F. 2018. Cultural Evolution: People's Motivations are Changing, and Reshaping the World. Cambridge University Press. Abstract.

Inglehart, Ronald F. 2018. "Modernization, Existential Security, and Cultural Change: Reshaping Human Motivations and Society." In Handbook of Advances in Culture and Psychology edited by Gelfand, Michele J., Chiu, Chi-yue, Hong, Ying-yi. Oxford University Press. Abstract.

Wolfson, J., Andrew Jones, and M. Philbert. 2018. "The U.S. Food Supply: The Need to Protect Biological and Nutritional Safety." American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 54(2): 316-319. DOI.

Hales, Andrew H., Maayan Dvir, Eric D. Wesselmann, Daniel J. Kruger, and Catrin Finkenauer. Forthcoming. "Cell phone-induced ostracism threatens fundamental needs." The Journal of Social Psychology. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Moritz Köster, Joseph L. Nedelec, and Shannon F. Murphy. Forthcoming. "A Life History Framework Advances the Understanding of Intentions for Police Cooperation." Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences. DOI. Abstract.

Jarvey, Julie C., Bobbi Low, David J. Pappano, Thore J. Bergman, and Jacinta C. Beehner. Forthcoming. "Graminivory and Fallback Foods: Annual Diet Profile of Geladas (Theropithecus gelada) Living in the Simien Mountains National Park, Ethiopia." International Journal of Primatology. DOI. Abstract.

Cunningham, Solveig A., Shivani A. Patel, Gloria L. Beckles, Linda S. Geiss, Neil Mehta, Hui Xie, and Giuseppina Imperatore. 2018. "County-level contextual factors associated with diabetes incidence in the United States." Annals of Epidemiology, 28(1): 20-25. DOI.

Pampati, Sanjana, Anne Buu, Yi-Han Hu, Carlos Mendes de Leon, and Hsien-Chang Lin. 2018. "Effects of alcohol and cigarette use on the initiation, reinitiation, and persistence of cannabis use from adolescence to emerging adulthood." Addictive Behaviors, 79: 144-150. DOI. Abstract.

Lê-Scherban, Félice, Allison Brenner, Margaret Hicken, Belinda L. Needham, Teresa Seeman, Richard P. Sloan, Xu Wang, and Ana V. Diez Roux. 2018. "Child and Adult Socioeconomic Status and the Cortisol Response to Acute Stress: Evidence From the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis." Psychosomatic Medicine, 80(2): 184-192. DOI. Abstract.

Kaye, Deborah R., Edward Norton, Hye Sung Min, Zaojun Ye, Jonathan Li, James M. Dupree, Chad Ellimoottil, David C. Miller, and Lindsey A. Herrel. 2018. "System-Level Health-Care Integration and the Costs of Cancer Care Across the Disease Continuum." Journal of Oncology Practice, 14(3): e149-e157. DOI. Abstract.

Deb, Partha, and Edward Norton. 2018. "Modeling Health Care Expenditures and Use." Annual Review of Public Health, 39(1). DOI. Abstract.

Guduguntla, Vinay, Edward Norton, John D. Syrjamaki, Chad Ellimoottil, David C. Miller, Richard L. Prager, Patricia Theurer, Donald S. Likosky, and James M. Dupree. 2018. "Drivers of Payment Variation in 90-Day Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Episodes." JAMA Surgery, 153(1): 14-19. DOI. Abstract.

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