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Williams-Butler, Abigail, Joseph P. Ryan, Vonnie C. McLoyd, John E. Schulenberg, and Pamela E. Davis-Kean. Forthcoming. "Relational Permanence and Psychological well-being among African American Adolescents in Foster Care." Journal of Child and Family Studies. DOI. Abstract.

Zhang, Chan, James M. Lepkowski, and Lirui He. Forthcoming. "Exploring the Feasibility of Mail Surveys in Urban China." Field Methods. DOI. Abstract.

Ngo, Q.M., A.B. Eisman, M. Walton, Yasamin Kusunoki, S.T. Chermack, V. Singh, and R. Cunningham. 2018. "Emergency Department Alcohol Intervention: Effects on Dating Violence and Depression." Pediatrics, 142(1): e20173525. DOI. Abstract.

Fisher, Jonathan, David S. Johnson, Timothy S. Smeeding, and Jeffrey Thompson. 2018. "The Demography of Inequality: Income, Wealth and Consumption, 1989-2016." PSC Research Report No. 18-890. 7 2018. Abstract. PDF.

Davies, Gail, Jennifer A. Smith, Sharon L. R. Kardia, David Weir, Erin Bakshis Ware, Jessica Faul, Max Lam, Sarah E. Harris, et al. 2018. "Study of 300,486 individuals identifies 148 independent genetic loci influencing general cognitive function." Nature Communications, 9(1): 2098. DOI. Abstract.

Evans-Polce, Rebecca, Megan S. Schuler, John E. Schulenberg, and Megan E. Patrick. Forthcoming. "Gender- and age-varying associations of sensation seeking and substance use across young adulthood." Addictive Behaviors. DOI. Abstract.

Fischer, Micha, Brady T. West, Michael R. Elliott, and Frauke Kreuter. Forthcoming. "The Impact of Interviewer Effects on Regression Coefficients." Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology. DOI. Abstract.

Gollier, Christian, and Miles Kimball. 2018. "New methods in the classical economics of uncertainty: comparing risks." The Geneva Risk and Insurance Review, 43(1): 5-23. DOI. Abstract.

McKee, Michael M., HwaJung Choi, Shelby Wilson, Melissa J. DeJonckheere, Philip Zazove, and Helen Levy. Forthcoming. "Determinants of Hearing Aid Use Among Older Americans With Hearing Loss." The Gerontologist. DOI. Abstract.

Pfeffer, Fabian T. 2018. "Growing Wealth Gaps in Education." Demography, 55(3): 1033-1068. DOI. Abstract.

Heller, Sara, and Judd B. Kessler. Forthcoming. "How to Allocate Slots: the Market Design of Summer Youth Employment Programs." In Fair by Design: Economic Design Approaches to Inequality edited by S.D. Kominers and A. Teytelboym. Oxford University Press. (Oxford University Press Series on Inequality in the Twenty-First Century)

Hall, Joshua, and Antonios Koumpias. Forthcoming. "Growth and variability of school district income tax revenues: Is tax base diversification a good idea for school financing." Contemporary Economic Policy. DOI. Abstract.

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