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Shen, Sharon, and Yasamin Kusunoki. 2019. "Intimate Partner Violence and Psychological Distress Among Emerging Adult Women: A Bidirectional Relationship." Journal of Women's Health, 28(8): 1060-1067. DOI. Abstract.

Gultekin, Laura, Yasamin Kusunoki, Laura Sinko, Lindsay Cannon, Kathryn Abramoski, Angubeen G. Khan, and Julia Schwartz Seng. 2019. "The Eco-Social Trauma Intervention Model." Public Health Nursing, 36(5): 709-715. DOI. Abstract.

Larance, Lisa Young, Elizabeth A. Armstrong, Michelle Munro-Kramer, Emily Sheridan-Fulton, Yasamin Kusunoki, Quyen Ngo, Sharron Fincher, and Nicole Denson. 2019. "Feminist Praxis: The Michigan Meeting on Ending Gender-Based Violence." Affilia, 34(3): 383-392. DOI. Abstract.

Abrams, Leah R., and Neil Mehta. 2019. "Changes in depressive symptoms over age among older Americans: Differences by gender, race/ethnicity, education, and birth cohort." SSM - Population Health, 7: 100399. DOI. Abstract.

Mehta, Neil, Hui Zheng, and Mikko Myrskylä. 2019. "How do age and major risk factors for mortality interact over the life-course? Implications for health disparities research and public health policy." SSM - Population Health, 8: 100438. DOI. Abstract.

Pisani, Anthony R., John E. Marcotte, Nitya Kanuri, Bob Filbin, Carlos Gallo, Madelyn Gould, Lisa Soleymani Lehmann, Robert Levine, et al. 2019. "Protecting User Privacy and Rights in Academic Data-Sharing Partnerships: Principles From a Pilot Program at Crisis Text Line." Journal of Medical Internet Research, 21(1): e11507. DOI. Abstract.

Tzilos Wernette, Golfo, Melissa Plegue, Okeoma Mmeje, Ananda Sen, Kristina Countryman, Quyen Ngo, Lisa Prosser, and Caron Zlotnick. 2019. "Reducing sexual health risks and substance use in the prenatal setting: A study protocol for a randomized controlled trial." Contemporary Clinical Trials, 84: 105827. DOI. Abstract.

Gamarel, Kristi E., Raha Mouzoon, Alejandro Rivas, Rob Stephenson, and Okeoma Mmeje. Forthcoming. "Healthcare providers and community perspectives on expedited partner therapy (EPT) for use with gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men." Sexually Transmitted Infections. DOI. Abstract.

Miller, Sarah, and Laura Wherry. 2019. "Four Years Later: Insurance Coverage and Access to Care Continue to Diverge between ACA Medicaid Expansion and Non-Expansion States." AEA Papers and Proceedings, 109: 327-333. DOI. Abstract.

Jamison, Cornelius D., Jenell S. Coleman, and Okeoma Mmeje. 2019. "Improving Women's Health and Combatting Sexually Transmitted Infections Through Expedited Partner Therapy." Obstetrics & Gynecology, 133(3): 416. DOI. Abstract.

Mmeje, Okeoma, Betty Njoroge, Pauline Wekesa, Alfred Murage, Raphael O. Ondondo, S. van der Poel, Mary A. Guzé, Starley B. Shade, et al. 2019. "Empowering HIV-infected women in low-resource settings: A pilot study evaluating a patient-centered HIV prevention strategy for reproduction in Kisumu, Kenya." PLOS ONE, 14(3): e0212656. DOI. Abstract.

Straight, Bilinda, Belinda L. Needham, Georgiana Onicescu, Puntipa Wanitjirattikal, Todd Barkman, Cecilia Root, Jen Farman, Amy Naugle, et al. 2019. "Prosocial Emotion, Adolescence, and Warfare." Human Nature, 30(2): 192-216. DOI. Abstract.

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