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Kullgren, Jeffrey T., Elizabeth Q. Cliff, Christopher Krenz, Brady T. West, Helen Levy, A. Mark Fendrick, and Angela Tsai Fagerlin. Forthcoming. "Consumer behaviors among individuals enrolled in high-deductible health plans in the united states." JAMA Internal Medicine. DOI. Abstract.

Keeney, Tamra, Alan M. Jette, Vicki Freedman, and Howard Cabral. Forthcoming. "Racial Differences in Patterns of Use of Rehabilitation Services for Adults Aged 65 and Older." Journal of the American Geriatrics Society. DOI. Abstract.

Boyd, C.J., Brady T. West, and McCabe SE. Forthcoming. "Does misuse lead to a disorder? The misuse of prescription tranquilizer and sedative medications and subsequent substance use disorders in a U.S. longitudinal sample." Addictive Behaviors. DOI. Abstract.

Fleming, Paul J., Clare Barrington, Wizdom Powell, Ann Gottert, Leonel Lerebours, Yeycy Donastorg, and Maximo O. Brito. Forthcoming. "The Association Between Men's Concern About Demonstrating Masculine Characteristics and Their Sexual Risk Behaviors: Findings from the Dominican Republic." Archives of Sexual Behavior. DOI. Abstract.

Tsuyuki, Kiyomi, Paul J. Fleming, Balaiah Donta, Anindita Dasgupta, Mohan Ghule, Battala Madhusudana, Saritha Nair, Jay G. Silverman, Niranjan Saggurti, and Anita Raj. Forthcoming. "Masculine Gender Ideologies, Intimate Partner Violence, and Alcohol Use Increase Risk for Genital Tract Infections Among Men." Journal of Interpersonal Violence. DOI. Abstract.

Fleming, Paul J., Clare Barrington, Lisa D. Pearce, Leonel Lerebours, Yeycy Donastorg, and Maximo O. Brito. 2017. ""I Feel Like More of a Man": A Mixed Methods Study of Masculinity, Sexual Performance, and Circumcision for HIV Prevention." The Journal of Sex Research, 54(1): 42-54. DOI. Abstract.

Fleming, Paul J., Laura Villa-Torres, Arianna Taboada, Chelly Richards, and Clare Barrington. 2017. "Marginalisation, discrimination and the health of Latino immigrant day labourers in a central North Carolina community." Health & Social Care in the Community, 25(2): 527-537. DOI. Abstract.

Mendoza, Carlisdania, Clare Barrington, Yeycy Donastorg, Martha Perez, Paul J. Fleming, Michele R. Decker, and Deanna Kerrigan. 2017. "Violence From a Sexual Partner is Significantly Associated With Poor HIV Care and Treatment Outcomes Among Female Sex Workers in the Dominican Republic." JAIDS Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes, 74(3): 273. DOI. Abstract.

Villa-Torres, Laura, Tonatiuh González-Vázquez, Paul J. Fleming, Edgar Leonel González-González, César Infante-Xibille, Rebecca Chavez, and Clare Barrington. 2017. "Transnationalism and health: A systematic literature review on the use of transnationalism in the study of the health practices and behaviors of migrants." Social Science & Medicine, 183(Supplement C): 70-79. DOI. Abstract.

Shakya, Holly B., Paul J. Fleming, Niranjan Saggurti, Balaiah Donta, Jay Silverman, and Anita Raj. 2017. "Longitudinal associations of intimate partner violence attitudes and perpetration: Dyadic couples data from a randomized controlled trial in rural India." Social Science & Medicine, 179(Supplement C): 97-105. DOI. Abstract.

Brito, Maximo O., Shaveta Khosla, Sheewin Pananookooln, Paul J. Fleming, Leonel Lerebours, Yeycy Donastorg, and Robert C. Bailey. 2017. "Sexual Pleasure and Function, Coital Trauma, and Sex Behaviors After Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision Among Men in the Dominican Republic." The Journal of Sexual Medicine, 14(4): 526-534. DOI. Abstract.

Fleming, Paul J., Kathleen Mullan Harris, and Carolyn Tucker Halpern. 2017. "Description and Evaluation of a Measurement Technique for Assessment of Performing Gender." Sex Roles, 76(11-12): 731-746. DOI. Abstract.

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