Alexandra Murphy's Select Publications

Alexandra Murphy


Duneier, Mitchell, Philip Kasinitz, and Alexandra Murphy. (Eds) 2014. The Urban Ethnography Reader. New York: Oxford University Press. Abstract.

Journal Articles

Jerolmack, Colin, and Alexandra Murphy. Forthcoming. "The Ethical Dilemmas and Social Scientific Trade-offs of Masking in Ethnography." Sociological Methods & Research. DOI. Abstract.

Aagesen, L.K., Justin Thomas, Alexandra Murphy, Zheng Wang, Jeffrey Jones, Margaret L. Hedstrom, J.F. Adams, J.E. Allison, et al. 2018. "PRISMS: An Integrated, Open-Source Framework for Accelerating Predictive Structural Materials Science." JOM, 70(10): 2298-2314. DOI. Abstract.

Gould-Werth, Alix, Jamie Griffin, and Alexandra Murphy. 2018. "Developing a New Measure of Transportation Insecurity: An Exploratory Factor Analysis." Survey Practice, 11(2). DOI.

Murphy, Alexandra. 2012. ""Litterers": How Objects of Physical Disorder Are Used to Construct Subjects of Social Disorder in a Suburb." Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 642(1): 210-227. DOI. Abstract.

Murphy, Alexandra, and Danielle Wallace. 2010. "Opportunities for Making Ends Meet and Upward Mobility: Differences in Organizational Deprivation Across Urban and Suburban Poor Neighborhoods." Social Science Quarterly, 91(5): 1164-1186. DOI. Abstract.

Murphy, Alexandra. 2010. "The Symbolic Dilemmas of Suburban Poverty: Challenges and Opportunities Posed by Variations in the Contours of Suburban Poverty." Sociological Forum, 25(3): 541-569. DOI. Abstract.

Murphy, Alexandra. 2007. "The Suburban Ghetto: The Legacy of Herbert Gans on our Understanding of the Transformation of Urban Poverty." City and Community, 6(1): 21-37. DOI. Abstract.

Murphy, Alexandra, and Sudir Venkatesh. 2006. "Vice Careers: The Changing Contours of Sex Work in New York City." Qualitative Sociology, 29(2): 129-154. DOI. Abstract.


Murphy, Alexandra, and Katherine Newman. 2009. "Children and Work." In The Child: An Encyclopedic Companion edited by Richard Shweder. Chicago: University of Chicago Press.

Venkatesh, Sudhir, and Alexandra Murphy. 2006. "Policing Ourselves: Law and Order in the American Ghetto." In Youth, Globalization, and the Law edited by Sudhir Venkatesh and Ronald Kassimir. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

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