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Kim, Jinseok, Jinmo Kim, and Jason Owen-Smith. Forthcoming. "Generating automatically labeled data for author name disambiguation: an iterative clustering method." Scientometrics. DOI. Abstract.

Kierkegaard, Patrick, Mira Vale, Spencer Garrison, Brent K. Hollenbeck, John M. Hollingsworth, and Jason Owen-Smith. 2020. "Mechanisms of decision-making in preoperative assessment for older adult prostate cancer patients-A qualitative study." Journal of Surgical Oncology, 121(3): 561-569. DOI. Abstract.

Ghomrawi, Hassan M. K., Russell J. Funk, Michael L. Parks, Jason Owen-Smith, and John M. Hollingsworth. 2018. "Physician referral patterns and racial disparities in total hip replacement: A network analysis approach." PLOS ONE, 13(2): e0193014. DOI. Abstract.

Funk, R.J., Jason Owen-Smith, S.A. Kaufman, B.K. Nallamothu, and J.M. Hollingsworth. 2018. "Association of informal clinical integration of physicians with cardiac surgery payments." JAMA Surgery, 153(5): 446-453. DOI. Abstract.

Everson, Jordan, Russell J. Funk, Samuel R. Kaufman, Jason Owen-Smith, Brahmajee K. Nallamothu, Francis D. Pagani, and John M. Hollingsworth. 2018. "Repeated, Close Physician Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting Teams Associated with Greater Teamwork." Health Services Research, 53(2): 1025-1041. DOI. Abstract.

Funk, Russell, and Jason Owen-Smith. 2017. "A Dynamic Network Measure of Technological Change." Management Science, 63(3): 587-900. DOI. Abstract.

Funk, Russell J., Jason Owen-Smith, Bruce E. Landon, John D. Birkmeyer, and John Hollingsworth. 2017. "Identifying Natural Alignments Between Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Local Health Systems: Building Broader Communities of Surgical Care." Medical Care, 55(2): e9-e15. DOI. Abstract.

Hollingsworth, John M., Russell J. Funk, Spencer A. Garrison, Jason Owen-Smith, Samuel A. Kaufman, Francis D. Pagani, and Brahmajee K. Nallamothu. 2016. "Association Between Physician Teamwork and Health System Outcomes After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting." Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, 9(6): 641-648. DOI. Abstract.

Hollingsworth, John M., Russell Funk, Amy Luckenbaugh, Jason Owen-Smith, Samuel Kaufman, and Brahmajee Nallamothu. 2016. "Clinical Integration is Associated with Lower Costs of Care among Patients Undergoing Prostatectomy." 2016 Annual Meeting Program AbstractsAUA Annual Meeting, 195(4, Supplement): e591. DOI.

Zolas, Nikolas, Jason Owen-Smith, Nathan Goldschlag, Ron Jarmin, Paula Stephan, Rebecca F. Rosen, Barbara McFadden Allen, Bruce A. Weinberg, an, et al. 2015. "Wrapping it up in a person: Examining employment and earnings outcomes for Ph.D. recipients." Science, 350(6266): 1367-1371. DOI. Abstract.

Hollingsworth, John M., Russell J. Funk, Spencer A. Garrison, Jason Owen-Smith, Samuel R. Kaufman, Bruce E. Landon, James E. Montie, and Brahmajee K. Nallamothu. 2015. "MP5-19 the Impact of Care Coordination on Radical Prostatectomy Outcomes." 2015 Annual Meeting Program Abstracts AUA Annual Meeting, 193(4, Supplement): e52-e53. DOI.

Lane, Julia, Jason Owen-Smith, Rebecca F. Rosen, and Bruce A. Weinberg. 2015. "New linked data on research investments: Scientific workforce, productivity, and public value." Research Policy, 44(9): 1659-1671. DOI. Abstract.

Owen-Smith, Jason, Natalie C. Cotton-Nessler, and Helena Buhr. 2015. "Network effects on organizational decision-making: Blended social mechanisms and IPO withdrawal." Social Networks, 41: 1-17. DOI. Abstract.

Hollingsworth, John, Russell J. Funk, Jason Owen-Smith, Bruce Landon, and John Birkmeyer. 2015. "Differences between physician social networks for cardiac surgery serving communities with high versus low proportions of black residents." Medical Care, 53(2): 160-167. DOI. Abstract.

Hollingsworth, John M., Russell J. Funk, Jason Owen-Smith, Bruce E. Landon, Brent K. Hollenbeck, and John D. Birkmeyer. 2015. "Assessing the Reach of Health Reform to Outpatient Surgery With Social Network Analysis." Annals of Surgery, 261(3): 468-472. DOI. Abstract.

Kabo, F., Y. Hwang, Margaret Levenstein, and Jason Owen-Smith. 2015. "Shared Paths to the Lab: A Sociospatial Network Analysis of Collaboration." Environment and Behavior, 47(1): 57-84. DOI. Abstract.

Wineman, Jean, Yongha Hwang, Felichism Kabo, Jason Owen-Smith, and Gerald F. Davis. 2014. "Spatial layout, social structure, and innovation in organizations." Environment and Planning B: Planning and Design, 41(6): 1100-1112. Abstract.

Weinberg, Bruce A., Jason Owen-Smith, Rebecca F. Rosen, Lou Schwarz, Barbara McFadden Allen, Roy E. Weiss, and Julia Lane. 2014. "Science Funding and Short-Term Economic Activity." Science, 344(6179): 41-43. PMCID: PMC4112082. DOI.

Kabo, F., N. Cotton-Nessler, Y. Hwang, Margaret Levenstein, and Jason Owen-Smith. 2014. "Proximity effects on the dynamics and outcomes of scientific collaborations." Research Policy, 43(9): 1469-1485. DOI. Abstract.

Owen-Smith, Jason, C.T. Scott, and J.B. McCormick. 2012. "Expand and regularize federal funding for human pluripotent stem cell research." Journal of policy analysis and management : [the journal of the Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management], 31(3): 714-722. DOI.

Owen-Smith, Jason, C.T. Scott, and J.B. McCormick. 2012. "Democracy is working." Journal of Policy Analysis and Management, 31(3): 726-728. DOI.

DeRouen, Mindy C., Jennifer B. McCormick, Jason Owen-Smith, and Christopher Thomas Scott. 2012. "The Race Is On: Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Goes Global." Stem Cell Reviews and Reports, 8(4): 1043-1047. PMCID: PMC3933365. DOI. Abstract.

Scott, Christopher Thomas, Jennifer B. McCormick, Mindy C. DeRouen, and Jason Owen-Smith. 2011. "Democracy Derived? New Trajectories in Pluripotent Stem Cell Research." Cell, 145(6): 820-826. PMCID: PMC3933363. DOI. Abstract.

Owen-Smith, Jason. 2011. "The institutionalization of expertise in university licensing." Theory and Society, 40(1): 63-94. DOI. Abstract.

Scott, C.T., J.B. McCormick, M.C. Derouen, and Jason Owen-Smith. 2010. "Federal policy and the use of pluripotent stem cells." Nature methods, 7(11): 866-867. DOI.

Whittington, Kjersten Bunker, Jason Owen-Smith, and Walter W. Powell. 2009. "Networks, Propinquity, and Innovation in Knowledge-Intensive Industries." Administrative Science Quarterly, 54(1): 90-122. DOI. Abstract.

Scott, C.T., J.B. McCormick, and Jason Owen-Smith. 2009. "And then there were two: use of hESC lines." Nature biotechnology, 27(8): 696-697. DOI.

McCormick, J.B., Jason Owen-Smith, and C.T. Scott. 2009. "Distribution of human embryonic stem cell lines: who, when, and where." Cell stem cell, 4(2): 107-110. DOI.

Caulfield, T., Jason Owen-Smith, A. Zarzeczny, J. McCormick, T. Bubela, C. Critchley, E. Einsiedel, J. Galipeau, et al. 2009. "The stem cell research environment: a patchwork of patchworks." Stem cell reviews, 5(2): 82-88. DOI. Abstract.

Powell, WalterW, Jason Owen-Smith, and JeannetteA Colyvas. 2007. "Innovaton and Emulation: Lessons from American Universities in Selling Private Rights to Public Knowledge." Minerva, 45(2): 121-142. DOI. Abstract.

Owen-Smith, Jason, and J. McCormick. 2006. "An international gap in human ES cell research." Nature biotechnology, 24(4): 391-392. DOI.

Owen-Smith, Jason. 2005. "Dockets, Deals, and Sagas: Commensuration and the Rationalization of Experience in University Licensing." Social Studies of Science, 35(1): 69-97. DOI. Abstract.

Owen-Smith, Jason, and Walter W. Powell. 2004. "Knowledge Networks as Channels and Conduits: The Effects of Spillovers in the Boston Biotechnology Community." Organization Science, 15(1): 5-21. Abstract.


Sattari, Reza, Julia I. Lane, and Jason Owen-Smith. 2017. "New Insights into Food Safety Research Teams." In Measuring the Economic Value of Research: The Case of Food Safety edited by Husbands Fealing, Kaye, Lane, Julia I., King, John L., Johnson, Stanley R.. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. DOI.

Powell, Walter W., and Jason Owen-Smith. 2012. "An Open Elite: Arbiters, Catalysts, or Gatekeepers in the Dynamics of Industry Evolution?" In The Emergence of Organizations and Markets edited by Padgett, J., Powell, Walter W.. Princeton: Princeton University Press.

Owen-Smith, Jason. 2012. "University Intellectual Property Policies Create Unintended Consequences." In Colleges and Universities as Economic Drivers edited by Johnstone, B. D., Lane, J. E.. New York: SUNY Press.

Powell, Walter W., Jason Owen-Smith, and Laurel Smith-Doerr. 2011. "Sociology and the Science of Science Policy." In The Handbook of the Science of Science Policy edited by Fealing, K. H., Lane, J., Marburger, J. H., Shipp, S., Valdez, B.. Stanford: Stanford University Press.

Buhr, Helena, and Jason Owen-Smith. 2010. "Networks as institutional support: law firm and venture capitalist relations and regional diversity in high-technology IPOs." In Institutions and Entrepreneurship edited by Sine, Wesley D., David, Robert J.. Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited. DOI. Abstract.

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