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Stern, Alexandra Minna. 2019. Proud Boys and the White Ethnostate: How the Alt-Right Is Warping the American Imagination. Beacon Press. Abstract. Public Access.

Stern, Alexandra Minna. 2015. Eugenic Nation: Faults and Frontiers of Better Breeding in Modern America. University of California Press. Abstract.

Journal Articles

Novak, Nicole, Natalie Lira, Kate O'Connor, Sioban D. Harlow, Sharon Kardia, and Alexandra Minna Stern. 2018. "Disproportionate sterilization of Latinos under California's eugenic sterilization program, 1920-1945." American Journal of Public Health, 108(5): 611-613. DOI. Abstract.

Chor, Dora, Alexandra Minna Stern, and Ricardo Ventura Santos. 2017. "Race, health, and discrimination: historical and contemporary perspectives from Brazil and the United States." Cadernos De Saude Publica, 33: e00044817. DOI.

Caulfield, Sueann, and Alexandra Minna Stern. 2017. "Shadows of doubt: the uneasy incorporation of identification science into legal determination of paternity in Brazil." Cadernos De Saude Publica, 33: e00110016. DOI. Abstract.

Stern, Alexandra Minna, Nicole Novak, Natalie Lira, Kate O'Connor, Sioban D. Harlow, and Sharon L. R. Kardia. 2017. "California's Sterilization Survivors: An Estimate and Call for Redress." American Journal of Public Health, 107(1): 50-54. DOI. Abstract.

Stern, Alexandra Minna. 2016. "Zika and reproductive justice." Cadernos De Saude Publica, 32(5): e00081516. DOI.

Stern, Alexandra Minna, and Alexandra Minna Stern. 2016. "Eugenics, sterilization, and historical memory in the United States." História, Ciências, Saúde-Manguinhos, 23: 195-212. DOI. Abstract.

Graham, L., Mark Padilla, W. Lopez, Alexandra Minna Stern, J. Peterson, and Danya Keene. 2016. "Spatial Stigma and Health in Postindustrial Detroit." International Quarterly of Community Health Education, 36(2): 105-113. DOI. Abstract.

Lira, Natalie, and Alexandra Minna Stern. 2014. "Mexican Americans and Eugenic Sterilization." Aztlan, 39(2): 9-34. Abstract.

Stern, Alexandra Minna. 2013. "On the Road with Chicana/o History: From Aztlán to the Alamo and Back." Pacific Historical Review, 82(4): 581-587. DOI. Abstract.

Stern, Alexandra Minna. 2011. "'The Hour of Eugenics' in Veracruz, Mexico: Radical Politics, Public Health, and Latin America's Only Sterilization Law." Hispanic American Historical Review, 91(3): 431-443. DOI. Abstract.

Stern, Alexandra Minna, Maria Teresa Koreck, and Howard Markel. 2011. "Assessing Argentina's Response to H1N1 in Austral Winter 2009: From Presidential Lethargy to Local Ingenuity." Public Health Reports, 126(1): 9-12. PMCID: PMC3001827.

Aiello, Allison E., and Alexandra Minna Stern, et al. 2010. "Research findings from nonpharmaceutical intervention studies for pandemic influenza and current gaps in the research." American Journal of Infection Control, 38(4): 251-258. DOI. Abstract.

Stern, Alexandra Minna, Mary Beth Reilly, Martin S. Cetron, and Howard Markel. 2010. ""Better Off in School": School Medical Inspection as a Public Health Strategy During the 1918–1919 Influenza Pandemic in the United States." Public Health Reports, 125(Supp. 3): 63-70. PMCID: PMC2862335. Abstract.

Stern, Alexandra Minna. 2010. "Improving Hoosiers: Indiana and the Wide Scope of American Eugenics." Indiana Magazine of History, 106(3): 219-223. DOI.


Stern, Alexandra Minna. 2018. "Making Better Babies." In Beyond Bioethics: Toward a New Biopolitics edited by Obasogie, Osagie K., Darnovsky, Marcy. University of California Press. Abstract.

PSC Reports

Novak, Nicole, Kate E. O'Connor, Natalie Lira, and Alexandra Minna Stern. 2016. "Ethnic Bias in California's Eugenic Sterilization Program, 1920-1945." PSC Research Report No. 16-866. 6 2016. Abstract.

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