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Doshi, Monika, William D. Lopez, Hannah Mesa, Richard Bryce, Ellen Rabinowitz, Raymond Rion, and Paul J. Fleming. 2020. "Barriers & facilitators to healthcare and social services among undocumented Latino(a)/Latinx immigrant clients: Perspectives from frontline service providers in Southeast Michigan." PLOS ONE, 15(6): e0233839. DOI. Abstract.

Doshi, Monika, Pascal Macharia, John Mathenge, Helgar Musyoki, K. Rivet Amico, Parinita Battacharjee, James Blanchard, Sushena Reza-Paul, et al. 2020. "Beyond biomedical and comorbidity approaches: Exploring associations between affinity group membership, health and health seeking behaviour among MSM/MSW in Nairobi, Kenya." Global Public Health, 15(7): 968-984. DOI. Abstract.

Mesa, Hannah, Monika Doshi, William Lopez, Richard Bryce, Raymond Rion, Ellen Rabinowitz, and Paul J. Fleming. 2020. "Impact of anti-immigrant rhetoric and policies on frontline health and social service providers in Southeast Michigan, U.S.A." Health & Social Care in the Community, n/a(n/a). DOI. Abstract.

Fleming, Paul J., William D. Lopez, Hannah Mesa, Raymond Rion, Ellen Rabinowitz, Richard Bryce, and Monika Doshi. 2019. "A qualitative study on the impact of the 2016 US election on the health of immigrant families in Southeast Michigan." BMC Public Health, 19(1): 947. DOI. Abstract.

Korhonen, Christine, Monika Doshi, Makobu Kimani, Elizabeth Wahome, Fredrick Otieno, Duncan Okall, Robert C. Bailey, Gary W. Harper, et al. 2018. "Depressive symptoms and problematic alcohol and other substance use in 1476 gay, bisexual, and other MSM at three research sites in Kenya." AIDS, 32(11). DOI. Abstract.

Doshi, Monika, Lisa Avery, Ronnie P. Kaddu, Mary Gichuhi, Gloria Gakii, Elsabé du Plessis, Sumit Dutta, Shamshad Khan, et al. 2017. "Contextualizing willingness to participate: recommendations for engagement, recruitment & enrolment of Kenyan MSM in future HIV prevention trials." BMC Public Health, 17(1): 469. DOI. Abstract.

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