Julie Ober Allen's Select Publications

Julie Ober Allen

Journal Articles

Goodwill, J., D. Watkins, N. Johnson, and Julie Ober Allen. Forthcoming. "An exploratory study of stress and coping among Black college men." American Journal of Orthopsychiatry.

Allen, Julie Ober, Daphne C. Watkins, Linda M. Chatters, Arline T. Geronimus, and Vicki Demeitris Johnson-Lawrence. 2019. "Cortisol and Racial Health Disparities Affecting Black Men in Later Life: Evidence From MIDUS II." American Journal of Men's Health, 13(4): 1557988319870969. DOI. Abstract.

Allen, Julie Ober, Daphne C. Watkins, Linda M. Chatters, and Vicki Demeitris Johnson-Lawrence. 2018. "DOES COPING MATTER? COPING AND CHRONIC PHYSIOLOGICAL DISTRESS AMONG AGING U.S. BLACK AND WHITE MEN." Innovation in Aging, 2(suppl_1): 668-669. DOI. Abstract.

Hawkins, Jaclynn, Daphne C. Watkins, Julie Ober Allen, and Jamie Mitchell. 2018. "Identifying subgroups of Black, Hispanic and Asian men at increased risk for comorbid depression and overweight or obesity." Preventive Medicine Reports, 12: 268-270. DOI. Abstract.

Goodwill, J.R., Daphne C. Watkins, Nan Johnson, and Julie Ober Allen. 2018. "An Exploratory Study of Stress and Coping Among Black College Men." The American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 88(5): 538-549. DOI. Abstract.

Watkins, D.C., Julie Ober Allen, J.R. Goodwill, and B. Noel. 2017. "Strengths and Weaknesses of the Young Black Men, Masculinities, and Mental Health (YBMen) Facebook Project." American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 87(4): 392-401. DOI. Abstract.

Allen, Julie Ober. 2016. "Ageism as a Risk Factor for Chronic Disease." The Gerontologist, 56(4): 610-614. DOI. Abstract.

Ellis, K.R., D.M. Griffith, Julie Ober Allen, R.J. Thorpe, and M.A. Bruce. 2015. ""If you do nothing about stress, the next thing you know, you're shattered": Perspectives on African American men's stress, coping and health from African American men and key women in their lives." Social Science and Medicine, 139: 107-114. PMCID: PMC4519397. DOI. Abstract.

Griffith, Derek, Julie Ober Allen, V. Johnson-Lawrence, and A. Langford. 2014. "Men on the move: a pilot program to increase physical activity among African American men." Health Education and Behavior, 41(2): 164-172. PMCID: PMC4511956. DOI. Abstract.

Allen, Julie Ober, Derek Griffith, and H.G. Gaines. 2013. ""She looks out for the meals, period": African American men's perceptions of how their wives influence their eating behavior and dietary health." Health Psychology, 32(4): 447-455. PMCID: PMC4374446. DOI. Abstract.

Griffith, Derek, K.R. Ellis, and Julie Ober Allen. 2013. "An intersectional approach to social determinants of stress for African American men: men's and women's perspectives." American Journal of Men's Health, 7(4 suppl): 19s-30s. DOI. Abstract.

Griffith, Derek, A.M. Wooley, and Julie Ober Allen. 2013. ""I'm ready to eat and grab whatever I can get": Determinants and patterns of African American men's eating practices." Health Promotion Practice, 14(2): 181-188. DOI. Abstract.


Caldwell, Cleopatra H., Julie Ober Allen, and Shervin Assari. 2016. "Family Influences on African American Men's Health: Family-Based Interventions." In Boys and Men in African American Families. Springer. DOI. Abstract.

Conference Proceedings

Goodwill, J.R., Julie Ober Allen, and D.C. Watkins. 2018. "What does race mean to young Black men? Findings from the YBMen Project." Presentation at the annual meeting of the Society for Social Work and Research. Washington, D.C,

Allen, Julie Ober. 2017. "Disparities and differences in physiological distress among aging Black and White men." Presentation at the Annual Meeting of the American Public Health Association. Atlanta, GA.,

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