Margaret Frye's Select Publications

Margaret Frye

Journal Articles

Frye, Margaret. 2019. "The myth of agency and the misattribution of blame in collective imaginaries of the future." The British Journal of Sociology, 70(3): 721-730. DOI.

Ysseldyk, Renate, Margaret Frye, Katharine H. Greenaway, Elena Hassinger, Sarah Zutrauen, Jana Lintz, Maya P. Bhatia, Else Starkenburg, an, et al. 2019. "A Leak in the Academic Pipeline: Identity and Health Among Postdoctoral Women." Frontiers in Psychology, 10. DOI. Abstract.

Frye, Margaret, and Sara Lopus. 2018. "From Privilege to Prevalence: Contextual Effects of Women's Schooling on African Marital Timing." Demography, 55(6): 2371-2394. DOI. Abstract.

Frye, Margaret, and Nina Gheihman. 2018. "Like Bees to a Flower: Attractiveness, Risk, and Collective Sexual Life in an AIDS Epidemic." Sociological Science, 5: 596-627. DOI. Abstract.

Lopus, Sara, and Margaret Frye. 2018. "Visualizing Africa's Educational Gender Gap." Socius, 4: 2378023118795956. DOI. Abstract.

Chakrabarti, Parijat, and Margaret Frye. 2017. "A mixed-methods framework for analyzing text data: Integrating computational techniques with qualitative methods in demography." Demographic Research, 37: 1351-1382. Abstract.

Frye, Margaret, and Lauren Bachan. 2017. "The demography of words: The global decline in non-numeric fertility preferences, 1993-2011." Population Studies, 71(2): 187-209. DOI. Abstract.

Frye, Margaret, and Sophia Chae. 2017. "Physical attractiveness and women's HIV risk in rural Malawi." Demographic research, 37: 251-294. DOI. Abstract.

Frye, Margaret. 2017. "Cultural Meanings and the Aggregation of Actions: The Case of Sex and Schooling in Malawi." American Sociological Review, 82(5): 945-976. DOI. Abstract.

Frye, Margaret, and Jenny Trinitapoli. 2015. "Ideals as Anchors for Relationship Experiences." American Sociological Review, 80(3): 496-525. DOI. Abstract.

Greenaway, Katharine H., Margaret Frye, and Tegan Cruwys. 2015. "When Aspirations Exceed Expectations: Quixotic Hope Increases Depression among Students." PLOS ONE, 10(9): e0135477. DOI. Abstract.


Vaisey, Stephen, and Margaret Frye. 2019. "The Old One-Two." In The Oxford Handbook of Cognitive Sociology edited by Brekhus, Wayne H., Ignatow, Gabe. Oxford University Press. Abstract.

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