Amanda Kowalski's Select Publications

Amanda Kowalski

Journal Articles

Kolstad, J., and Amanda Kowalski. 2016. "Mandate-based health reform and the labor market: Evidence from the Massachusetts reform." Journal of Health Economics, 47: 81-106. DOI. Abstract.

Kowalski, Amanda. 2016. "Censored quantile instrumental variable estimates of the price elasticity of expenditure on medical care." Journal of Business & Economic Statistics, 34(1): 107-117. DOI. Abstract.

Kowalski, Amanda. 2015. "Estimating the tradeoff between risk protection and moral hazard with a nonlinear budget set model of health insurance." International Journal of Industrial Organization, 43: 122-135. DOI. Abstract.

Hackmann, M., J. Kolstad, and Amanda Kowalski. 2015. "Adverse Selection and an Individual Mandate: When Theory Meets Practice." American Economic Review, 105(3): 1033-1066. DOI. Abstract.

Kolstad, J., and Amanda Kowalski. 2012. "The impact of health care reform on hospital and preventive care: evidence from Massachusetts." Journal of Public Economics, 96: 909-929. DOI. Abstract.

Hackmann, M., J. Kolstad, and Amanda Kowalski. 2012. "Health reform, health insurance, and selection: Estimating selection into health insurance using the massachusetts health reform." American Economic Review, 102(3): 498-501. DOI. Abstract.

PSC Reports

Kowalski, Amanda. 2019. "Counting Defiers." PSC Research Report No. 19-893. 3 2019. Abstract.

Kowalski, Amanda. 2019. "A Model of a Randomized Experiment with an Application to the PROWESS Clinical Trial." PSC Research Report No. 19-894. 3 2019. Abstract.

Kowalski, Amanda. 2018. "Biology Meets Behavior in a Clinical Trial: Two Relationships between Mortality and Mammogram Receipt." PSC Research Report No. 18-892. 9 2018. Abstract.

Kowalski, Amanda. 2018. "How to Examine External Validity within an Experiment." PSC Research Report No. 18-891. 8 2018. Abstract.

Other Reports

Kowalski, Amanda. 2018. "Behavior within a Clinical Trial and Implications for Mammography Guidelines." NBER Working Paper Series Working Paper 25049 Abstract.

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