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Jagger, Pamela, Ipsita Das, Sudhanshu Handa, Leena A. Nylander-French, and Karin B. Yeatts. 2019. "Early Adoption of an Improved Household Energy System in Urban Rwanda." EcoHealth, 16(1): 7-20. DOI. Abstract.

Call, Maia, Clark Gray, and Pamela Jagger. 2019. "Smallholder responses to climate anomalies in rural Uganda." World Development, 115: 132-144. DOI. Abstract.

Meier, Benjamin Mason, Ipsita Das, and Pamela Jagger. 2018. "A 'burning opportunity' for human rights: using human rights as a catalyst for policies to mitigate the health risk of household air pollution." Journal of Human Rights and the Environment, 9(1): 89-106. DOI. Abstract.

Song, Conghe, Richard Bilsborrow, Pamela Jagger, Qi Zhang, Xiaodong Chen, and Qingfeng Huang. 2018. "Rural Household Energy Use and Its Determinants in China: How Important Are Influences of Payment for Ecosystem Services vs. Other Factors?" Ecological Economics, 145: 148-159. DOI. Abstract.

Seguin, Ryan, Valerie L. Flax, and Pamela Jagger. 2018. "Barriers and facilitators to adoption and use of fuel pellets and improved cookstoves in urban Rwanda." PLOS ONE, 13(10): e0203775. DOI. Abstract.

Treacy, Paul, Pamela Jagger, Conghe Song, Qi Zhang, and Richard E. Bilsborrow. 2018. "Impacts of China's Grain for Green Program on Migration and Household Income." Environmental Management, 62(3): 489-499. DOI. Abstract.

Das, Ipsita, Joseph Pedit, Sudhanshu Handa, and Pamela Jagger. 2018. "Household air pollution (HAP), microenvironment and child health: Strategies for mitigating HAP exposure in urban Rwanda." Environmental Research Letters, 13(4): 045011. DOI. Abstract.

Jagger, Pamela, Samuel Sellers, Noah Kittner, Ipsita Das, and Glenn K. Bush. 2018. "Looking for Medium-term Conservation and Development Impacts of Community Management Agreements in Uganda's Rwenzori Mountains National Park." Ecological Economics, 152: 199-206. DOI. Abstract.

Jagger, Pamela, and Ipsita Das. 2018. "Implementation and scale-up of a biomass pellet and improved cookstove enterprise in Rwanda." Scaling Up Clean Fuel Cooking Programs, 46: 32-41. DOI. Abstract.

Das, Ipsita, Pamela Jagger, and Karin Yeatts. 2017. "Biomass Cooking Fuels and Health Outcomes for Women in Malawi." EcoHealth, 14(1): 7-19. DOI. Abstract.

Call, Maia, and Pamela Jagger. 2017. "Social capital, collective action, and communal grazing lands in Uganda." International journal of the commons, 11(2): 854-876. DOI. Abstract.

Sills, Erin O., Claudio de Sassi, Pamela Jagger, Kathleen Lawlor, Daniela A. Miteva, Subhrendu K. Pattanayak, and William D. Sunderlin. 2017. "Building the evidence base for REDD+: Study design and methods for evaluating the impacts of conservation interventions on local well-being." Global Environmental Change, 43: 148-160. DOI. Abstract.

Jagger, Pamela, Joseph Pedit, Ashley Bittner, Laura Hamrick, Tione Phwandapwhanda, and Charles Jumbe. 2017. "Fuel efficiency and air pollutant concentrations of wood-burning improved cookstoves in Malawi: Implications for scaling-up cookstove programs." Energy for Sustainable Development, 41: 112-120. DOI. Abstract.

Jagger, Pamela, and Pushpendra Rana. 2017. "Using publicly available social and spatial data to evaluate progress on REDD+ social safeguards in Indonesia." Environmental Science & Policy, 76: 59-69. DOI. Abstract.

Duchelle, Amy E., Pamela Jagger, Claudio de Sassi, Marina Cromberg, Anne M. Larson, William D. Sunderlin, Stibniati S. Atmadja, I. Aju Pradnja Resosudarmo, an, et al. 2017. "Balancing carrots and sticks in REDD+: implications for social safeguards." Ecology and Society, 22(3). Abstract.

Jagger, Pamela, and Noah Kittner. 2017. "Deforestation and biomass fuel dynamics in Uganda." Biomass and Bioenergy, 105: 1-9. DOI. Abstract.

Jagger, Pamela, and Charles Jumbe. 2016. "Stoves or sugar? Willingness to adopt improved cookstoves in Malawi." Energy Policy, 92: 409-419. DOI. Abstract.

Jagger, Pamela, and Carolina Perez-Heydrich. 2016. "Land use and household energy dynamics in Malawi." Environmental Research Letters, 11(12): 125004. DOI. Abstract.

Jagger, Pamela. 2014. "Confusion vs. clarity: Property rights and forest use in Uganda." Forest Policy and Economics, 45: 32-41. DOI. Abstract.

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