Yajuan Si's Select Publications

Journal Articles

Makela, Susanna, Yajuan Si, and Andrew Gelman. 2018. "Bayesian inference under cluster sampling with probability proportional to size." Statistics in Medicine, 37(26): 3849-3868. DOI. Abstract.

Si, Yajuan, Jerome P. Reiter, and D.S. Hillygus. 2016. "Bayesian latent pattern mixture models for handling attrition in panel studies with refreshment samples." Annals of Applied Statistics, 10(1): 118-143. DOI. Abstract.

Early, D.M., J.K. Berg, S. Alicea, Yajuan Si, J.L. Aber, R.M. Ryan, and E.L. Deci. 2016. "The impact of every classroom, every day on high school student achievement: Results from a school-randomized trial." Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 9: 3-29. DOI.

Neuman, Heather B., Yajuan Si, Jessica R. Schumacher, Amanda B. Francescatti, Taiwo Adesoye, Edge SB, Burnside ES, Vanness DJ, et al. 2016. "Utility of Clinical Breast Exams in Detecting Local-Regional Breast Events after Breast-Conservation in Women with a Personal History of High-risk Breast Cancer." Annals of surgical oncology, 23(10): 3385-3391. DOI. Abstract.

Si, Yajuan, Natesh S. Pillai, and Andrew Gelman. 2015. "Bayesian Nonparametric Weighted Sampling Inference." Bayesian Analysis, 10(3): 605-625. DOI. Abstract.

Si, Yajuan, Jerome P. Reiter, and D.S. Hillygus. 2015. "Semi-parametric Selection Models for Potentially Non-ignorable Attrition in Panel Studies with Refreshment Samples." Political Analysis, 2017/01/04(1): 92-112. DOI. Abstract.

Makela, Susanna, Yajuan Si, and Andrew Gelman. 2014. "Statistical Graphics for Survey Weights." Revista Colombiana de EstadÌstica, 37(2): 285-295. DOI. Abstract.

Si, Yajuan, and Jerome P. Reiter. 2013. "Nonparametric Bayesian Multiple Imputation for Incomplete Categorical Variables in Large-Scale Assessment Surveys." Journal of Educational and Behavioral Statistics, 38(5): 499-521. DOI. Abstract.

Deng, Yiting, D.S. Hillygus, Jerome P. Reiter, Yajuan Si, and Siyu Zheng. 2013. "Handling Attrition in Longitudinal Studies: The Case for Refreshment Samples." Statistical Science, 28(2): 238-256. DOI. Abstract.

Si, Yajuan, and JP Reiter. 2011. "A Comparison of Posterior Simulation and Inference by Combining Rules for Multiple Imputation." Journal of Statistical Theory and Practice, 5(2): 335-347. DOI. Abstract.


Makela, S., Yajuan Si, and A. Gelman. 2017. "Graphical Visualization of Polling Results." In The Oxford Handbook of Polling and Polling Methods edited by Atkeson, Lonna Rae, Alvarez, R. Michael. Oxford, United Kingdom: Oxford University Press. DOI.

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