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Farley, Reynolds, and John Haaga. 2005. The American People: Census 2000. New York: Russell Sage Foundation. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds, Sheldon H. Danziger, and Harry J. Holzer. 2000. Detroit Divided. New York: Russell Sage. Abstract.

Journal Articles

Farley, Reynolds. 2015. "The Bankruptcy of Detroit: What Role did Race Play?" City and Community, 14(2): 118-137. DOI. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 2011. "The Waning of American Apartheid?" Contexts, 10(3): 36-43. Abstract.

Krysan, Maria, Mick P. Couper, Reynolds Farley, and Tyrone A. Forman. 2009. "Does Race Matter in Neighborhood Preferences? Results from a Video Experiment." American Journal of Sociology, 115(2): 527-559. DOI. Abstract.

Krysan, Maria, Reynolds Farley, and Mick P. Couper. 2008. "In the Eye of the Beholder." Du Bois Review, 5(1): 5-26. DOI. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 2006. "Comment on Donald R. Haurin and Hazel A. Morrow-Jones's "The impact of real estate market knowledge on tenure choice: A comparison of black and white households." Housing Policy Debate, 17(4): 671-680.

Logan, John R., B.J. Stults, and Reynolds Farley. 2004. "Segregation of Minorities in the Metropolis: Two Decades of Change." Demography, 41(1): 1-22. Abstract.

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Farley, Reynolds, and R. Alba. 2002. "The New Second Generation in the United States." International Migration Review, 36(3): 669-701. Abstract.

Hirschman, C., R. Alba, and Reynolds Farley. 2000. "The Meaning and Measurement of Race in the US Census: Glimpses into the Future." Demography, 37(3): 381-393. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 2000. "Couting on the Census? Race, Group Identity, and the Evasion of Politics." Population and Development Review, 26(3): 606-609.

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Frey, William H., and Reynolds Farley. 1996. "Latino, Asian, and Black Segregation in U.S. Metropolitan Areas: Are Multiethnic Metros Different?" Demography, 33(1): 35-50. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 1996. "Age of Extremes: A Revisionist Perspective." Demography, 33(4): 417-420.

Farley, Reynolds. 1996. "Racial Differences in the Search for Housing: Do Whites and Blacks Use the Same Techniques to Find Housing?" Housing Policy Debate, 7(2): 367-385. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 1995. "Looking for the Last Percent-The Controversy Over Census Undercounts-Choldin, HM." Public Opinion Quarterly, 59(3): 450-452.

Farley, Reynolds, Charlotte Steeh, Maira Krysan, Tara Jackson, and Keith Reeves. 1994. "Stereotypes and Segregation: Neighborhoods in the Detroit Area." American Journal of Sociology, 100(3): 750-80. Abstract.

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Farley, Reynolds. 1992. "Streetwise-Race, Class, and Change in an Urban-Commuinty-Anderson, E." Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 524: 215-217.

Farley, Reynolds. 1991. "The New Census Question about Ancestry: What Did It Tell Us?" Demography, 28(3): 411-29. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 1990. "Blacks, Hispanics and White Ethnic Groups: Are Blacks Uniquely Disadvantaged?" American Economic Review, 80(2): 237-41. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 1988. "After the Starting Line: Blacks and Women in an Uphill Race." Demography, 25(4): 477-95.

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Langberg, M., and Reynolds Farley. 1985. "Residential Segregation of Asian Americans in 1980." Sociology and Social Research, 70(1): 71-5.

Farley, Reynolds. 1985. "Two Steps Forward and Two Back? Recent Changes in the Social and Economic status of Blacks." Ethnic and Racial Studies, 8(1): 4-28.

Farley, Reynolds. 1985. "Understanding Racial Differences and Trends: How SIPP Can Assist." Journal of Economic and Social Measurement, 13(3-4): 245-61. Abstract.

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Farley, Reynolds. 1975. "Residential Segregation and Its Implications for School Integration." Law and Contemporary Problems, 39(1): 164-93. DOI.

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Farley, Reynolds. 1968. "The Quality of Demographic Data for Nonwhites." Demography, 5(1): 1-10. Abstract.


Farley, Reynolds. 2015. "The Future of Detroit: How the City Got to Where It Is Now and What Is Next." In Reclaiming Integration and the Language of Race in the "Post-Racial" Era edited by Curtis Ivery, Joshua Bassett. Lanham, MA: Rowman & Littlefield.

Farley, Reynolds. 2008. "Racial Identities in 2000: The Response to the Multiple-Race Response Option." In Social stratification: class, race, and gender in sociological perspective edited by David B. Grusky, Ku, Manwai C., Szelényi, Szonja. :624-631. Boulder: Westview Press.

Farley, Reynolds. 2004. "Identifying with multiple races: a social movement that succeeded but failed?" In The Changing Terrain of Race and Ethnicity edited by Maria Krysan and Amanda E. Lewis. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

Farley, Reynolds. 2003. "Detroit in 2000: Racial, Economic, and Geographic Trends in a Polarized Metropolis." In Racial Liberalism and the Politics of Urban America edited by Curtis Stokes and Theresa Meléndez. Pp. 295-324. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press.

Farley, Reynolds. 2002. "Racial Identities in 2000: The Response to the Multiple-Race Response Option." In The New Race Question: How the Census Counts Multiracial Individuals edited by Joe Perlmann and Mary C. Waters. Pp. 33-61. New York: Russell Sage Foundation and Annandale-on-Hudson, N.Y.: Levy Economics Institute of Bard College.

Farley, Reynolds. 2001. "Metropolises of the Multi-City Study of Urban Inequality: Social, Economic, Demographic, and Racial Issues in Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, and Los Angeles." In Urban Inequality: Evidence from Four Cities edited by Alice O' Connor, Chris Tilly and Lawrence D. Bobo. New York: Russell Sage Foundation.

Farley, Reynolds. 2000. "Demographic, Economic, and Social Trends in a Multicultural America." In New Directions: African Americans in a Diversifying Nation edited by James S. Jackson. Washington DC: National Policy Press.

Conference Proceedings

Farley, Reynolds, Charles Peek, and Sheldon H. Danziger. "Poverty and Prosperity: Trends in the Largest Metropolitan Areas in the 1980s." 1991 Proceedings of the Social Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association, Reprint No. 375. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. "Race, Ancestry and Spanish Origin: Findings from the 1980s and Questions for the 1990s." Proceedings of the Social Statistics Section of the American Statistical Association, 1990. Reprint No. 349. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds, and Lisa Neidert. "The Safety Net in 1985: An Examination of the Consequences of Federal Transfer Programs." Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, Social Statistics Section, 1986. Reprint No. 283.

Levin, M.J., and Reynolds Farley. "Historical Comparability of Ethnic Designations in the United States." Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, Social Science Section, 1982. Reprint No. 222.

Wurdock, C., and Reynolds Farley. "School Integration and Enrollments in the Nation's Largest Cities: An Analysis of Recent Trends." Proceedings of the American Statistical Association, 1979. Reprint No. 183.

PSC Reports

Farley, Reynolds. 2010. "Michigan's Demographic Outlook: Implications for the University of Michigan." PSC Research Report No. 10-699. 4 2010. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 2008. "The Kerner Commission Report Plus Four Decades: What Has Changed? What Has Not?" PSC Research Report No. 08-656. 9 2008. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds, Mick P. Couper, and Maria Krysan. 2007. "Race and Revitalization in the Rust Belt: A Motor City Story." PSC Research Report No. 07-620. 4 2007. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 2002. "Race Reporting in the Census of 2000: How Do Multiracial Groups Compare to Monoracial Groups on Key Characteristics?" PSC Research Report No. 02-516. 7 2002. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 2001. "Identifying with Multiple Races: A Social Movement that Succeeded but Failed?" PSC Research Report No. 01-491. 12 2001. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. 2001. "The Unexpectedly Large Census Count in 2000 and Its Implications." PSC Research Report No. 01-467. 2 2001. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds, and William H. Frey. "Changes in the Segregation of Whites from Blacks during the 1980s: Small Steps toward a More Integrated Society." PSC Research Report No. 93-285. 8 1993. Abstract.

Frey, William H., and Reynolds Farley. "Latino, Asian, and Black Segregation in Multi-Ethnic Metro Areas: Findings from the 1990 Census." PSC Research Report No. 93-278. 4 1993. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds, and William H. Frey. "Changes in the Segregation of Whites from Blacks during the 1980s: Small Steps toward a More Racially Integrated Society." PSC Research Report No. 92-257. 9 1992. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds, Charles W. Peek, and Sheldon H. Danziger. "Poverty and Prosperity: Trends in the Largest Metropolitan Areas in the 1980s." PSC Research Report No. 91-229. 9 1991.

Farley, Reynolds. "Racial Conflict and Ethnic Issues in the United States: The Melting Pot and the Color Line." PSC Research Report No. 91-224. 7 1991. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds. "Race, Ancestry and Spanish Origin: Findings from the 1980s and Questions for the 1990s." PSC Research Report No. 90-192. 9 1990. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds, and Steven Schechterman. "The Social and Economic Status of Blacks: Does It Vary by Size of Metropolis?" PSC Research Report No. 90-187. 12 1989. Abstract.

Farley, Reynolds, and Suzanne M. Bianchi. "The Growing Racial Difference in Marriage and Family Patterns." PSC Research Report No. 87-107. 4 1987.

Farley, Reynolds, and Lisa Neidert. "How Effective Was the Melting Pot? An Analysis of Current Ethnic Differences in the United States." PSC Research Report No. 84-68. 12 1984.


Farley, Reynolds. 1986. "Assessing Black Progress." Economic Outlook USA, 13(2-3): 14-9.

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