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Duchowny, Kate, Margaret Hicken, Peggy M. Cawthon, M. Maria Glymour, and Philippa J. Clarke. 2020. "Life course trauma and muscle weakness in older adults by gender and race/ethnicity: Results from the U.S. health and Retirement Study." SSM - Population Health, 11: 100587. DOI. Abstract.

Noppert, Grace A., Philippa J. Clarke, Margaret Hicken, and Mark L. Wilson. 2019. "Understanding the intersection of race and place: the case of tuberculosis in Michigan." BMC Public Health, 19(1): 1669. DOI. Abstract.

Schmitz, Lauren, Courtney L. McCluney, Amanda Sonnega, and Margaret Hicken. 2019. "Policy Levers May Improve Older Workers' Perceptions of Their Psychosocial Work Environment: Research findings show that workplace policies can play a crucial role in the quality of older worker's health and job longevity." Generations, 43(3): 78-85. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, Ronit Katz, Carmen A. Peralta, Deidra C. Crews, and Holly J. Kramer. 2019. "Neighborhood Social Context and Kidney Function Over Time: The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis." American Journal of Kidney Diseases, 73(5): 585-595. DOI. Abstract.

Mayne, Stephanie L., Margaret Hicken, Sharon Stein Merkin, Teresa E. Seeman, Kiarri N. Kershaw, D.P. Do, Anjum Hajat, and Ana V. Diez Roux. 2019. "Neighbourhood racial/ethnic residential segregation and cardiometabolic risk: the multiethnic study of atherosclerosis." Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 73(1): 26-33. DOI. Abstract.

Lê-Scherban, Félice, Allison Brenner, Margaret Hicken, Belinda L. Needham, Teresa Seeman, Richard P. Sloan, Xu Wang, and Ana V. Diez Roux. 2018. "Child and Adult Socioeconomic Status and the Cortisol Response to Acute Stress: Evidence From the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis." Psychosomatic Medicine, 80(2): 184-192. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, Nicole Kravitz-Wirtz, Myles Durkee, and James S. Jackson. 2018. "Racial inequalities in health: Framing future research." Social Science and Medicine, 199: 11-18. DOI.

Hicken, Margaret, Hedwig Lee, and Anna K. Hing. 2018. "The weight of racism: Vigilance and racial inequalities in weight-related measures." Social Science and Medicine, 199: 157-166. DOI. Abstract.

Needham, Belinda L., Margaret Hicken, Ishtar O. Govia, Colter Mitchell, and Cleopatra M. Abdou. 2017. "Maternal Social Disadvantage and Newborn Telomere Length in Archived Dried Blood Spots from the Michigan Neonatal Biobank." Biodemography and social biology, 63(3): 221-235. DOI. Abstract.

McCluney, Courtney L., Lauren Schmitz, Margaret Hicken, and Amanda Sonnega. 2017. "Structural racism in the workplace: Does perception matter for health inequalities?" Social Science and Medicine, 199: 106-114. DOI. Abstract.

Kershaw, K.N., Ana V. Diez Roux, Margaret Hicken, W.R. Robinson, P. Gordon-Larsen, David C. Goff, Mercedes R. Carnethon, Catarina I. Kiefe, an, et al. 2017. "Association of changes in neighborhood-level racial residential segregation with changes in blood pressure among black adults: The cardia study." JAMA Internal Medicine, 177(7): 996-1002. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret. 2017. "Measurement and modeling of race and health in Brazil: continuing the discussion." Cadernos de Saúde Pública, 33(suppl. 1): 2-5. DOI. Abstract.

Esposito, Michael H., Hedwig Lee, Margaret Hicken, Lauren C. Porter, and Jerald R. Herting. 2017. "The consequences of contact with the criminal justice system for health in the transition to adulthood." Longitudinal and Life Course Studies, 8(1): 57-74. DOI. Abstract.

Lee, Hedwig, and Margaret Hicken. 2016. "Death by a Thousand Cuts: The Health Implications of Black Respectability Politics." Souls, 18(2-4): 421-445. DOI.

Hicken, Margaret, S. Adar, A. Hajat, K. Kershaw, D. Do, R. Barr, J. Kaufman, and Ana V. Diez Roux. 2016. "Air Pollution, Cardiovascular Outcomes, and Social Disadvantage: The Multi-ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis." Epidemiology, 27(1): 42-50. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, and Debbie S. Gipson. 2015. "Matching the Genotype in Resolution: Innovative Ways of Phenotype Capture." Seminars in Nephrology, 35(3): 279-290. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret. 2015. "Invited Commentary: Fundamental Causes, Social Context, and Modifiable Risk Factors in the Racial/Ethnic Inequalities in Blood Pressure and Hypertension." American Journal of Epidemiology, 182(4): 354-357. DOI. Abstract.

Lee, Hedwig, Tyler McCormick, Margaret Hicken, and Christopher Wildeman. 2015. "Racial Inequalities in Connectedness to Imprisoned Individuals in the United States." Du Bois Review, 12(2): 269-282. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, J. Dvonch, A. Schulz, G. Mentz, and P. Max. 2014. "Fine particulate matter air pollution and blood pressure: The modifying role of psychosocial stress." Environmental Research, 133: 195-203. PMCID: PMC4137402. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, Hedy Lee, Jeffrey Morenoff, James S. House, and David R. Williams. 2014. "Racial/ethnic Disparities in Hypertension Prevalence: Reconsidering the Role of Chronic Stress." American Journal of Public Health, 104(1): 117-123. PMCID: PMC3910029. DOI. Abstract.

Lee, Hedy, K. Kershaw, Margaret Hicken, C. Abdou, Eddee Williams, N. Rivera-O'Reilly, and James S. Jackson. 2013. "Cardiovascular Disease Among Black Americans: Comparisons Between the US Virgin Islands and the 50 US States." Public Health Reports, 128(3): 170-178. PMCID: PMC3610069. DOI. Abstract.

Lee, Hedy, and Margaret Hicken. 2013. "Cumulative Social Risk and Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Obesity during the Transition to Adulthood." Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 24(2): 907-927. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, S. Adar, Ana V. Diez Roux, M. O'Neill, S. Magzamen, A. Auchincloss, and J. Kaufman. 2013. "Do Psychosocial Stress and Social Disadvantage Modify the Association Between Air Pollution and Blood Pressure? The Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis." American Journal of Epidemiology, 178(10): 1550-1562. PMCID: PMC3888274. DOI. Abstract.

Hunte, H.R., Katherine E. King, Margaret Hicken, Hedy Lee, and T. Lewis. 2013. "Interpersonal discrimination and depressive symptomatology: examination of several personality-related characteristics as potential confounders in a racial/ethnic heterogeneous adult sample." BMC Public Health, 13. PMCID: PMC3845526. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, Hedy Lee, Briana Mezuk, Kiarri N. Kershaw, Jane Rafferty, and James S. Jackson. 2013. "Racial and Ethnic Differences in the Association Between Obesity and Depression in Women." Journal of Women's Health, 22(5): 445-452. PMCID: PMC3666217. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, Hedy Lee, Jennifer Ailshire, Sarah Burgard, and David R. Williams. 2013. ""Every Shut Eye, Ain't Sleep": The Role of Racism-Related Vigilance in Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Sleep Difficulty." Race and Social Problems, 5(2): 100-112. PMCID: PMC3722054. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, Gilbert Gee, Cathleen Connell, Rachel C. Snow, Jeffrey Morenoff, and Howard Hu. 2013. "Black-white blood pressure disparities: depressive symptoms and differential vulnerability to blood lead." Environmental Health Perspectives, 121(2): 205-9. PMCID: PMC3569674. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, Gilbert Gee, Jeffrey Morenoff, Cathleen Connell, Rachel C. Snow, and Howard Hu. 2012. "A Novel Look at Racial Health Disparities: The Interaction Between Social Disadvantage and Environmental Health." American Journal of Public Health, 102(12): 2344-2351. PMCID: PMC3519308. DOI. Abstract.

Hicken, Margaret, R. Gragg, and Howard Hu. 2011. "ANALYSIS & COMMENTARY How Cumulative Risks Warrant A Shift In Our Approach To Racial Health Disparities: The Case Of Lead, Stress, And Hypertension." Health Affairs, 30(10): 1895-1901. PMCID: PMC3915245. DOI. Abstract.

Geronimus, Arline T., Margaret Hicken, Jay Pearson, Sarah Seashols, Kelly Brown, and Tracey Dawson Cruz. 2010. "Do US Black Women Experience Stress-Related Accelerated Biological Aging?" Human Nature, 21(1): 19-38. PMCID: PMC2861506. DOI. Abstract.

Geronimus, Arline T., Danya Keene, Margaret Hicken, and John Bound. 2007. "Black -White Differences in Age Trajectories of Hypertension Prevalence among Adult Women and Men, 1999-2002." Ethnicity and Disease, 17(1): 40-48. Abstract. Licensed Access.

Geronimus, Arline T., Margaret Hicken, Danya Keene, and John Bound. 2006. ""Weathering" and age-patterns of allostatic load scores among Blacks and Whites in the United States." American Journal of Public Health, 96(5): 826-833. PMCID: PMC1470581. DOI. Abstract.

Farel, A.M., R.E. Meyer, Margaret Hicken, and L. Edmonds. 2003. "Registry to referral - A promising means for identifying and referring infants and toddlers for early intervention services." Infants and Young Children, 16(2): 99-105.

Farel, A.M., R.E. Meyer, Margaret Hicken, and L.D. Edmonds. 2003. "Registry to referral: Using birth defects registries to refer infants and toddlers for early intervention services." Birth Defects Research. Part A: Clinical and Molecular Teratology, 67(9): 647-650. DOI.


Hicken, Margaret, Hedwig Lee, Jeffrey Morenoff, James S. House, and David R. Williams. 2019. "Racial/ethnic Disparities in Hypertension Prevalence: Reconsidering the Role of Chronic Stress." In Community Health Equity: A Chicago Reader edited by Fernando De Maio, Raj C. Shah, MD, John Mazzeo, David A. Ansell, MD. University of Chicago Press. Abstract. Public Access.

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