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Kruger, Jessica S., Alexis Blavos, Thomas S. Castor, Amy J. Wotring, Victoria R. Wagner-Greene, Tavis Glassman, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2019. "Manipulation Checking the Munchies: Validating Self-Reported Dietary Behaviors during Cannabis Intoxication." Human Ethology, 34: 10-16. DOI. Abstract.

Cross, Fernanda L., Deborah Rivas-Drake, Stephanie Rowley, Erika Mendez, Charo Ledon, Adreanne Waller, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2019. "Documentation-status concerns and Latinx parental school involvement." Translational Issues in Psychological Science, 5(1): 29-41. DOI. Abstract.

Bergmans, Rachel S., Richard C. Sadler, Julia A. Wolfson, Andrew Jones, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2019. "Moderation of the Association Between Individual Food Security and Poor Mental Health by the Local Food Environment Among Adult Residents of Flint, Michigan." Health Equity, 3(1): 264-274. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Michele M. Day, Ailiya Duan, Anna M. Heyblom, Dora Juhasz, Stephanie L. Misevich, Camille V. Phaneuf, Claire M. Saunders, et al. 2019. "You Can't Root for Both Teams!: Convergent Evidence for the Unidirectionality of Group Loyalty." Evolutionary Psychological Science, 5(2): 199-212. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Heitor B. F. Fernandes, Suzanne Cupal, and Gregory G. Homish. 2019. "Life history variation and the preparedness paradox." Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 13(3): 242-253. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., and Jessica S. Kruger. 2019. "Medical Cannabis Users' Comparisons between Medical Cannabis and Mainstream Medicine." Journal of Psychoactive Drugs, 51(1): 31-36. DOI. Abstract.

Fleming, Paul J., William D. Lopez, Charo Ledon, Mikel Llanes, Adreanne Waller, Melanie Harner, Ramiro Martinez, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2019. "'I'm going to look for you and take your kids': Reproductive justice in the context of immigration enforcement." PLOS ONE, 14(6): e0217898. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J. 2018. "Facultative Adjustments in Future Planning Tendencies: Insights on Life History Plasticity from the Flint Water Crisis." Evolutionary Psychological Science, 4(4): 372-383. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., and Jessica S. Kruger. 2018. "What Do Economically Costly Signals Signal?: a Life History Framework for Interpreting Conspicuous Consumption." Evolutionary Psychological Science, 4(4): 420-427. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Dora Juhasz, Claire Saunder, Stephanie Misevich, Ailiya Duan, Anna Heyblom, and Camille Phaneuf. 2018. "Factors Predicting Observed Cellphone Use in a Midwestern USA University Campus Area." Human Ethology Bulletin, 33(2): 5-12. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Jessica Carrothers, Susan P. Franzen, Alison L. Miller, Thomas M. Reischl, Sarah Anne Stoddard, and Marc A. Zimmerman. 2018. "The Role of Present Time Perspective in Predicting Early Adolescent Violence." Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 33(12): 1893-1908. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Michael Falbo, Sophie Blanchard, Ethan Cole, Camille Gazoul, Noreen Nader, and Shannon Murphy. 2018. "University Sports Rivalries Provide Insights on Coalitional Psychology." Human Nature, 29(3): 337-352. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Micheale Falbo, Camille Gazoul, Ethan Cole, Noreen Nader, Sophie Blanchard, Ailiya Duan, Shannon Murphy, et al. 2018. "Counting Blue(tooth) Cars: Assessing Cellphone Use Among Vehicle Drivers in the Midwestern USA." Human Ethology Bulletin, 33(2): 48-57. DOI. Abstract.

Hales, Andrew H., Maayan Dvir, Eric D. Wesselmann, Daniel J. Kruger, and Catrin Finkenauer. 2018. "Cell phone-induced ostracism threatens fundamental needs." The Journal of Social Psychology, 158(4): 460-473. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Moritz Köster, Joseph L. Nedelec, and Shannon F. Murphy. 2018. "A Life History Framework Advances the Understanding of Intentions for Police Cooperation." Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 12(2): 87-98. DOI. Abstract.

Johnson, Laura, Daniel J. Kruger, Glenn Geher, Rebecca Shaiber, Justin Garcia, and Aron Wiegand. 2017. "Youth Injuries as a Function of Sex, Life History, and Neighborhood Safety." Human Ethology Bulletin, 32(3): 85-108. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Suzanne Cupal, Susan P. Franzen, Gergana Kodjebacheva, Elder Sarah Bailey, Kent D. Key, and Martin M. Kaufman. 2017. "Toxic trauma: Household water quality experiences predict posttraumatic stress disorder symptoms during the Flint, Michigan, water crisis." Journal of Community Psychology, 45(7): 957-962. DOI. Abstract.

Guitar, Amanda E., Glenn Geher, Daniel J. Kruger, Justin R. Garcia, Maryanne L. Fisher, and Carey J. Fitzgerald. 2017. "Defining and Distinguishing Sexual and Emotional Infidelity." Current Psychology, 36(3): 434-446. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Gergana D. Kodjebacheva, and Suzanne Cupal. 2017. "Poor tap water quality experiences and poor sleep quality during the Flint, Michigan Municipal Water Crisis." Sleep Health: Journal of the National Sleep Foundation, 3(4): 241-243. DOI.

Kruger, Daniel J., and Steven A. Miller. 2017. "Perceptions of Attractiveness and Parental Dependency Mediate the Relationship Between Actual Parental Dependency and Human Caregiving Intentions for Non-mammalian Infants." Evolutionary Psychological Science, 3(2): 141-146. DOI. Abstract.

Lopez, William D., Jorge Delva, Daniel J. Kruger, Mikel Llanes, Charo Ledón, Adreanne Waller, Melanie Harner, Ramiro Martinez, et al. 2017. "Health Implications of an Immigration Raid: Findings from a Latino Community in the Midwestern United States." Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health, 19(3): 702-708. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., and Jaikob M. Djerf. 2017. "Bad vibrations? Cell phone dependency predicts phantom communication experiences." Computers in Human Behavior, 70: 360-364. DOI. Abstract.

Chen, Bin-Bin, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2017. "Future orientation as a mediator between perceived environmental cues in likelihood of future success and procrastination." Personality and Individual Differences, 108: 128-132. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Ailiya Duan, Dora Juhasz, Camille V. Phaneuf, Vibha Sreenivasa, Claire M. Saunders, Anna M. Heyblom, Peter A. Sonnega, et al. 2017. "Cell Phone Use Latency in a Midwestern USA University Population." Journal of Technology in Behavioral Science, 2(1): 56-59. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J. 2017. "Brief Self-Report Scales Assessing Life History Dimensions of Mating and Parenting Effort." Evolutionary Psychology, 15(1). DOI. Abstract.

Richardson, George B., Blair K. Sanning, Mark H. C. Lai, Lee T. Copping, Patrick H. Hardesty, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2017. "On the Psychometric Study of Human Life History Strategies: State of the Science and Evidence of Two Independent Dimensions." Evolutionary Psychology, 15(1). DOI. Abstract.

Fernandes, Heitor B. F., Leif Edward Ottesen, Claudio S. Hutz, Jean C. Natividad, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2016. "Are Negative Postcoital Emotions a Product of Evolutionary Adaptation? Multinational Relationships With Sexual Strategies, Reputation, and Mate Quality." Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 10(4): 219-244. DOI. Abstract.

Heinze, Justin E., Daniel J. Kruger, Thomas M. Reischl, Suzanne Cupal, and Marc A. Zimmerman. 2015. "Relationships Among Disease, Social Support, and Perceived Health: A Lifespan Approach." American Journal of Community Psychology, 56(3-4): 268–279. DOI. Abstract.

Sloan Kruger, Jessica, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2015. "The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Food Choices Among College Students." American Journal of Health Studies, 30(2): 70-73. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Maryanne L. Fisher, and Carey J. Fitzgerald. 2015. "Factors Influencing the Intended Likelihood of Exposing Sexual Infidelity." Archives of Sexual Behavior, 44(6): 1697-1704. DOI. Abstract.

Kodjebacheva, Gergana, Maria Koleeilat, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2015. "Depressive Symptoms Mediate the Association Between Fear of Crime and Higher Body Mass Index." American Journal of Health Promotion, 30(2): 130-132. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Joseph L. Nedelec, Thomas M. Reischl, and Marc A. Zimmerman. 2015. "Life History Predicts Perceptions of Procedural Justice and Crime Reporting Intentions." Evolutionary Psychological Science, 1(3): 183-194. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Denise C. Carty, Ashley R. Turbeville, Tonya M. French-Turner, and Shannon Brownlee. 2015. "Undoing Racism Through Genesee County's REACH Infant Mortality Reduction Initiative." Progress in Community Health Partnerships: Research, Education, and Action, 9(1): 57-63. DOI. Abstract.

Rybarczyk, Greg, Alex Maguffee, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2015. "Linking Public Health, Social Capital, and Environmental Stress to Crime Using a Spatially Dependent Model." Cityscape, 17(1): 17-33. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Maryanne L. Fisher, Carey J. Fitzgerald, Justin R. Garcis, Glenn Geher, and Amanda E. Guitar. 2015. "Sexual and Emotional Aspects are Distinct Components of Infidelity and Unique Predictors of Anticipated Distress." Evolutionary Psychological Science, 1(1): 44-51. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., M. Fisher, C. De Backer, I. Kardum, M. Tetaz, and S. Tifferet. 2015. "Human life history dimensions in reproductive strategies are intuitive across cultures." Human Ethology Bulletin, 30(1): 109-120. Abstract.

Mathis, A., R. Rooks, R. Tawk, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2015. "Neighborhood Influences and BMI in Urban Older Adults." Journal of Applied Gerontology, 36(6): 692 - 708. PMCID: PMC4644114. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J. 2015. "Non-Mammalian Infants Requiring Parental Care Elicit Greater Human Caregiving Reactions Than Superprecocial Infants Do." Ethology, 121(8): 769-774. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger-Ndiaye, Jessica, Daniel J. Kruger, and Rie Suzuki. 2015. "Assessing the Effectiveness of Experiential Learning in a Student-Run Free Clinic." Pedagogy in Health Promotion, 1(2): 91-94. DOI. Abstract.

Wilke, Andreas, Amanda Sherman, Bonnie Curdt, Sumona Mondal, Carey Fitzgerald, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2014. "An Evolutionary Domain-Specific Risk Scale." Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 8(3): 123-141. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., E. Greenberg, J. Murphy, L. DiFazio, and K. Youra. 2014. "Local Concentration of Fast-Food Outlets Is Associated With Poor Nutrition and Obesity." American Journal of Health Promotion, 28(5): 340-343. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., M. Fisher, S. Strout, S. Clark, S. Lewis, and M. Wehbe. 2014. "Pride and Prejudice or Family and Flirtation?: Jane Austen's Depiction of Women's Mating Strategies." Philosophy and Literature, 38(1A): A114-A128. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Maryanne Fisher, and Paula Wright. 2014. "Patriarchy, male competition, and excess male mortality." Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, 8(1): 3-11. DOI. Abstract. Public Access.

Kruger, Daniel J., Cleopatra Caldwell, and Marc Zimmerman. 2014. "Local Scarcity of Adult Men Predicts Youth Assault Rates." Journal of Community Psychology, 42(1): 119-125. DOI. Abstract.

Caldwell, Cleopatra H., Cathy L. Antonakos, Shervin Assari, Daniel J. Kruger, E. Hill De Loney, and Rashid Njai. 2014. "Pathways to prevention: Improving nonresident African American fathers' parenting skills and behaviors to reduce sons' aggression." Child Development, 85(1): 308-325. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Maryanne L. Fisher, and Paula Wright. 2013. "A framework for integrating evolutionary and feminist perspectives in psychological research." Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology, 7(4): 299-303. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Maryanne L. Fisher, Sarah L. Strout, Michelle Wehbe, Shelby Lewis, and Shana'e Clark. 2013. "Variation in women's mating strategies depicted in the works and words of Jane Austen." Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology, 7(3): 197-210. DOI. Abstract.

Tiffert, S., Daniel J. Kruger, O. Bar-Lev, and S. Zeller. 2013. "Dog ownership increases attractiveness and attenuates perceptions of short-term mating strategy in cad-like men." Journal of Evolutionary Psychology, 11(3): 121-129. DOI. Abstract.

Kimmel, Allison, Terrinieka T. Williams, Tiffany C.E. Veinot, Bettina W. Campbell, Terrance R. Campbell, Mark Valacak, and Daniel J. Kruger. 2013. "'I make sure I am safe and I make sure I have myself in every way possible': African-American youth perspectives on sexuality education." Sex Education, 13(2): 172-185. PMCID: PMC3623670. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., M. Fisher, R. Edelstein, W. Chopik, C. Fitzgerald, and S. Strout. 2013. "Was that Cheating? Perceptions Vary by Sex, Attachment Anxiety, and Behavior." Evolutionary Psychology, 11(1): 159-171. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., T. French-Turner, and S. Brownlee. 2013. "Genesee County REACH Windshield Tours: Enhancing Health Professionals Understanding of Community Conditions that Influence Infant Mortality." Journal of Primary Prevention, 34(3): 163-172. DOI. Abstract.

Veinot, Tiffany C.E., T. Campbell, Daniel J. Kruger, and A. Grodzinski. 2013. "A question of trust: user-centered design requirements for an informatics intervention to promote the sexual health of African-American youth." Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 20(4): 758-765. PMCID: PMC3721161. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., J. Clark, and S. Vanas. 2013. "Male Scarcity is Associated with Higher Prevalence of Premature Gestation and Low Birth Weight Births Across the United States." American Journal of Human Biology, 25(2): 225-227. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., Melissa A. Munsell, and Tonya French-Turner. 2011. "Using a life history framework to understand the relationship between neighborhood structural deterioration and adverse birth outcomes." Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology, 5(4): 260-274. Abstract.

Veinot, Tiffany C.E., Terrance R. Campbell, Daniel J. Kruger, Alison Grodzinski, and Susan Franzen. 2011. "Drama and danger: the opportunities and challenges of promoting youth sexual health through online social networks." AIMA: Annual Symposium proceedings, 2011: 1436-1445. PMCID: PMC3243290. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J. 2011. "Evolutionary theory in public health and the public health of evolutionary theory." Futures, 43(8): 762-770. DOI. Abstract.

Hughes, Susan M., and Daniel J. Kruger. 2011. "Sex differences in post-coital behaviors in long- and short-term mating: An evolutionary perspective." Journal of Sex Research, 48(5): 496-505. DOI. Abstract.

Carty, Denise C., Daniel J. Kruger, Tonya M. Turner, Bettina W. Campbell, E. Hill De Loney, and Elizabeth Y. Lewis. 2011. "Racism, health status, and birth outcomes: Results of a participatory community-based intervention and health survey." Journal of Urban Health, 88(1): 84-97. PMCID: PMC3042077. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J., and Carey J. Fitzgerald. 2011. "Reproductive strategies and relationship preferences associated with prestigious and dominant men." Personality and Individual Differences, 50(3): 365-369. DOI. Abstract.

Butler, Thomas J., and Daniel J. Kruger. 2011. "Altruistic tendencies are sensitive to sex-specific mate selection criteria." Journal of Evolutionary Studies Consortium, 4(1): 1-12.

Kruger, Daniel J., and Jory S. Piglowski. 2011. "The effect of eyelid constriction on perceptions of mating strategy: Beware of the squinty-eyed guy!" Personality and Individual Differences, 52(5): 576-580. DOI.

Kruger, Daniel J., and Susan M. Hughes. 2011. "Tendencies to fall asleep first after sex are associated with greater partner desires for bonding and affection." Journal of Social, Evolutionary, and Cultural Psychology, 5(4): 239-247.


Dunkel, Curtis S., and Daniel J. Kruger. 2014. "The evolved psychology of time perspective." In Time Perspective Theory; Review, Research and Application edited by Maciej Stolarski, Nicolas Fieulaine, and Wessel van Beek. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing. DOI. Abstract.

Kruger, Daniel J. 2014. "Social and Environmental Conditions Intensifying Male Competition for Resources, Status, and Mates Lead to Increased Male Mortality." In Evolutionary Perspectives on Human Sexual Psychology and Behavior edited by Viviana A. Weekes-Shackelford and Todd K. Shackelford. New York: Springer.

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