Most of the papers in this series resulted from the analysis of early-release datasets from the first waves of the HRS/AHEAD studies. Their primary purpose was to analyze data quality and to inform the next round of data collection.
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HRS/AHEAD Working Paper Series

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White-Means, Shelley I., and Gong Soog Hong. 1996. "Giving Incentives and the Well-Being of Children Who Care for Disabled Parents." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-040. 12 1996. Abstract. PDF.

Bures, Regina M. 1996. "Family, Employment Status and Residential Mobility in the Health and Retirement Survey." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-033. 12 1996. Abstract. PDF.

Burkhauser, Richard V., Kenneth A. Couch, and John W. Phillips. 1996. "Who Takes Early Social Security Benefits: The Economic and Health Characteristics of Early Beneficiaries." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-030. 7 1996. Abstract. PDF.

Dominitz, Jeff. 1996. "A Comparison of Subjective Expectations Elicitation Methods in the Health and Retirement Study, the Panel Study of Income Dynamics, and the Survey of Economic Expectations." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-043. 7 1996. Abstract. PDF.

Knauper, Barbel A., Robert F. Belli, Daniel H. Hill, and A. Regula Herzog. 1996. "Question Difficulty and Respondents' Cognitive Ability: The Impact on Data Quality." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-038. 7 1996. Abstract. PDF.

Flippen, Chenoa, and Marta Tienda. 1996. "Labor Force Behavior of Hispanic Elderly: Insights from HRS." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-032. 7 1996. Abstract. PDF.

Ekerdt, David J., Stanley DeViney, and Kart Kosloski. 1996. "Stability and Change in Plans for Retirement." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-035. 7 1996. Abstract. PDF.

Honig, Marjorie. 1996. "Changes over Time in Subjective Retirement Probabilities." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-036. 7 1996. Abstract. PDF.

Glaser, Karen, Emily Grundy, John Henretta, and Michael J. Murphy. "Family Structure and Intergenerational Transfers: A Comparison of 55-63 Year Olds in the U.S. and Britain." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-034. 7 1996. Abstract.

Johnson, Richard W., and Stephen Crystal. "Health Insurance Coverage at Midlife: Characteristics, Costs, and Dynamics." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-041. 7 1996. Abstract.

Berry, Brent M., and John C. Henretta. "The Florida AHEAD Respondents: Characteristics of Florida's Elderly Population Aged Seventy and Over." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 96-039. 7 1996. Abstract.

Wallace, Robert B., and Anna R. Herzog. 1994. "Overview of the Health Measures in the Health and Retirement Study." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 94-1003. 12 1994. Abstract.

Hill, Daniel H. "Respondent Rules and the Quality of Net Worth Data in the HRS." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 94-002. 12 1993. Abstract.

Hurd, Michael, and Kathleen McGarry. "The Relationship between Job Characteristics and Retirement." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 94-003. 12 1993. Abstract.

Hurd, Michael, and Kathleen McGarry. "Evaluation of Subjective Probability Distributions in the HRS." AHEAD/HRS Report No. 94-004. 12 1993. Abstract.

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