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SaTC : Frontiers : Collaborative : Security and Privacy in the Lifecycle of IoT for Consumer Environments (SPLICE) (Anthony), NSF, 2020.

Migration, family context, and child health (Treleaven, Ghimire), NICHD, 2020.

Visiting Research Scholar in the Industrial Relations Section (Heller), Princeton University, 2020.

Modernizing NCSES Data Collection Approaches (Wagner, West), NSF, 2020.

Effects of Social Mobility on Individual Well-Being, Attitudes, and Behavior: Full and Partial Identification (Pfeffer), NSF, 2020.

Removing Barriers to Recovery: Community Partnering for Innovative Solutions to the Opioid Crisis (O'Neil, Morenoff, Brown, Prescott), NSF, 2020.

Collaborative Research: ECR EIE DCL: Broadening Participation of Underrepresented Scholars in Academic STEM: The Influence of an Inclusive Climate on Early-Career Outcomes (Cech), NSF, 2020.

Intergenerational Mobility in the Early 20th Century U.S.: Evidence from a New Linked Dataset (Bailey), Russell Sage Foundation, 2020.

Center to Accelerate Population Research in Alzheimer's (CAPRA) (Norton), NIA, 2020.

Advancing the American Opportunity Study (Alexander), Gates Foundation, 2020.

HIV prevention and care for couples in South Africa (Stephenson), NIMH, 2020.

Multidisciplinary Alcoholism Research Training Program (Schulenberg), NIAAA, 2020.

Interdisciplinary Research Training Program for International Population Science (Axinn, Treleaven, Ghimire, Mitchell), NICHD, 2020.

Educational Decision-Making in the Aftermath of a Disaster: Evidence from Cyclone Idai in Mozambique (Yang), Inter-agency Network for Education in Emergencies (INEE), 2020.

Training Program in Causal Inference in Education Policy Research at the University of Michigan (Pfeffer, Jacob, Bound), Education, U.S. Department of , 2020.

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