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U-M's Wolfers on study showing "outright hostility" toward women in economics

Savolainen links antisocial behavior in childhood to disadvantage and poverty in adulthood

Norton et al. put dollar value on relief from chronic pain for Americans age 50+

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Viewing the eclipse from ISR-Thompson

Paula Fomby to succeed Jennifer Barber as Associate Director of PSC

PSC community celebrates Violet Elder's retirement from PSC

Neal Krause wins GSA's Robert Kleemeier Award

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ABCD Coordinating Center Year 3-5 (Heeringa), NIDA, 2017.

Assessing the Effectiveness of Tax Credits in Early Childhood: The Earned Income Tax Credit, Child Tax Credit and Links with Poverty and Material Hardship (Pilkauskas), SAMHSA, 2017.

Archiving and Making Available Data From the Gates Millennium Scholars Program (Hoelter), Gates Foundation, 2017.

Monitoring the Future: A Cohort-Sequential Panel Study of Drug Use, Ages 19-60 (Schulenberg, Patrick, Miech, Couper, O'Malley, Smith), NIDA, 2017.

Improving Contraceptive Care for Women with Chronic Conditions: A Novel, Web-Based Decision Aid in Primary Care (Barber), NICHD, 2017.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia Delivered Via AASM SleepTM or Face-to-Face: A Non-Inferiority Trial (Eisenberg), American Sleep Medicine Foundation, 2017.

Monitoring the Future: Drug Use and Lifestyles of American Youth (Miech, Schulenberg, Patrick, O'Malley, Bachman, Heeringa), NIDA, 2017.

National Archive of Criminal Justice Data-University of Michigan Archive Services-YR5 (Savolainen), DoJ, 2017.

Developing and Supporting the IRIS Research Community (Owen-Smith), Sloan, 2017.

To develop and test privacy-protection techniques that enable researchers to collect and analyze sensitive data (Owen-Smith), Sloan, 2017.

Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging--Visualizing Age Standardized Death Rates Supplement (Bound, Freedman), NIA, 2017.

Using metabolomics to identify novel biomarkers for knee osteoarthritis risk (Harlow), NIA, 2017.

National survey on the prevalence, burden, and support seeking behaviors of suicide survivors (Eisenberg), American Suicide Foundation, 2017.

Researcher Credentialing for Secure Data Access (Levenstein, Pienta, Marcotte, Savolainen), Sloan, 2017.

Linking Additional Years of Geographic Data on Food Accessibility to the PSID (Davis-Kean), Clark R. Smith Family Foundation, 2017.

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