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Nephrotic Syndrome Rare Disease Clinical Research Network III (Roberts, Hicken), NIDDK, 2019.

Expansion of NCD Research Capacity in Thailand with Outreach to Indonesia (Stephenson), Fogarty, 2019.

Division of Global HIV and TB (DGHT) Open Access Initiative - Data Sharing and Archiving Support (Leonard, Pienta), CDC, 2019.

Hospital-Physician Integration: Causes and Consequences for Rural Communities and Physician Wage Gaps in Primary and Specialty Care (Buchmueller, Norton), AHRQ, 2019.

How Universities Have Failed on Sexual Violence and Why It Matters (Armstrong), Carnegie Corporation of New York, 2019.

Partner Violence in Transgender Populations: Context, Risk, and Health Impact (Stephenson), NICHD, 2019.

Enhancing Retrospective Life History Data in the Health and Retirement Study (Smith, Ofstedal, Weir), NIA, 2019.

Understanding the effects of Medicare's home health Quality of Patient Care Star Ratings: patient choice and unintended consequences (Norton), AHRQ, 2019.

Creating a Data Quality Control Framework for Producing New Personnel-Based S&E Indicators (Owen-Smith), NSF, 2019.

RAISE: C-Accel Pilot - Track A1 (Open Knowledge Network): Network for Equity in the Era of Driverless Vehicles (Levenstein, Murphy), NSF, 2019.

Collaborative Research: Framework for Integrative Data Equity Systems (Levenstein), NSF, 2019.

HMS Main 3-Year Studies 2019-2022 (Eisenberg), Various Sponsors, 2019.

University of Michigan CSWEP Funding - 2019 Survey (Levenstein), AEA, 2019.

Statistical Methods for Healthcare in Complex Patients with Diabetes (Si), NIDDK, 2019.

RIDIR: Developing and Deploying the Criminal Justice Administrative Records System (Mueller-Smith, Morenoff, Levenstein, Prescott), NSF, 2019.

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