Vicki Freedman

Economic Status, Health, & Wellbeing over the Life Course and Across Generations

Research Project Description
Vicki Freedman, Katherine A. McGonagle, Robert F. Schoeni

Spanning over four decades, the Panel Study of Income Dynamics (PSID) is the world's longest running household panel survey. This Program Project will enhance the PSID as a resource to analyze the connections among economic status, health, and wellbeing across generations and over the life course.

First, it will do this by collecting new data in four areas, each designed to enhance information in the PSID about family context and wellbeing at critical junctures in the life course: (1) A new listing, with basic demographic descriptors, of all children and parents of PSID respondents and their spouses/partners in core 2013 PSID, including biologic, adopted, and step relationships. (2) A new module on family transfers. (3) A new module to capture retrospective childhood circumstances. (4) A new supplement on disability, time use, and wellbeing to be collected from PSID respondents aged 60 and older.

Second, this program project will promote broader use of the PSID for aging-related science through a small grants program, several thematic conferences, online on-demand tutorials, enhanced extract tools, and exhibitions at national conferences.

Third, related projects will investigate pathways between childhood circumstances and adult health and socioeconomic outcomes; examine the family transfers within a life course and intergenerational context; and provide a rich, national portrait of disability, time use, and well-being among older adults.

National Institute on Aging
(2 P01 AG 029409 06 A1)

Funding Period: 12/1/2012 to 11/30/2018

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