Jason Owen-Smith

Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS)

Research Project Description

The Institute for Research on Innovation and Science (IRIS) will be an independent, scientific, source of information on the results of public and private investments in science. Institute staff and affiliated researchers will build, maintain, conduct research with and make available a longitudinal integrated micro data-set on the inputs, processes and scientific, societal and economic outcomes of science investments. We propose to: (1) Build a data infrastructure by (i) Collecting, collating, and linking record level grants payment data from multiple campuses to existing public and restricted data sources; (ii) Developing new linkable data sets that address currently unmeasured aspects of science and innovation; (iii) developing, negotiating and administering relevant data use agreements to sustain research use of IRIS datasets; (2) Support a robust research community by (i) Curating and disseminating a uniquely valuable research dataset for the study of science and innovation, (ii) Developing support for complementary research using IRIS data; and (iii) conducting relevant training for researchers and stakeholders; and (3) Create a sustainable business model by (i) Creating a sustainable `membership model? for ongoing infrastructure support; and (ii) Producing analytical reports and tools. We expect this project to: transform research on the science of science and innovation policy; provide research universities with actionable information to improve research management; generate policy relevant research findings to support more effective public and private investments; and expand the community of researchers active in economic, social and information science research on science and innovation.

Kauffman, Ewing Marion, Foundation

Funding Period: 11/1/2014 to 8/30/2018

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