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Membership - Institute for Research on Innovation and Sciences (IRIS)

Research Project Description

Membership in IRIS by various universities and research institutions where the member organization provides data to IRIS along with $25,000 per year in dues and IRIS provides member organization with reports and other data products.

IRIS will bring members of the researcher community together with university representatives and partners in federal agencies to build a scientific framework that will inform research administration, enable evidence based decision-making and support credible advocacy. Membership in IRIS can complement existing university investments in commercial data tools, but also provides data not available elsewhere. In the future, linkages to federal, commercial, and other data sets will be pursued with the approval of the IRIS governing body.

IRIS will serve as a national research infrastructure by collecting, enhancing, protecting and making available for research use data from research institutions. These data will support fundamental research designed to address the process, products and value of investments in academic research and training. Partnerships with universities and federal agencies will support the integration of new research findings and data with new products developed to address the needs and interests of IRIS members and other constituents.

Various Sponsors
(subcontract: Membership and Transfer Agreement)

Funding Period: 1/15/2015 to 7/31/2021

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