Jason Owen-Smith

The role of interprofessional teamwork in complex care delivery

Research Project Description
Deena Costa, Anne Sales, Julia Schwartz Seng, Jason Owen-Smith, Milisa M. Manojlovich, Theodore J. Iwashyna

Acute respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation affects over 750,000 patients each year. Mortality in this group is high, ranging from 30 to 40%. Recent data suggest that interprofessional care practices, such as the Awakening, Breathing, Coordination, Delirium and Early Mobility/Exercise bundle (ABCDE) can improve patients outcomes, specifically length of mechanical ventilation and ventilator associated-events. Yet these practices are inconsistently applied. One of the main barriers to ABCDE is interprofessional teamwork. Interprofessional teamwork is defined as having multiple different professionals present (structure) and working together to deliver care (function). In this way, ABCDE serves a model system to examine interprofessional teamwork ? focusing on who is part of the team (structure) and how the team works together (function). The overall goal of this project is to understand how ICU interprofessional team structure and function influence high quality care. By understanding who is part of the ICU inteprofessional team and how the team works together for complex care delivery, interventions can be better targeted to the team of clinicians providing care, increasing efficiency. We take a novel approach to examine interprofessional team structure using network analysis combined with qualitative methods to examine interprofessional team function in 2 ICUs with high ABCDE delivery and 2 ICUs with lower ABCDE delivery.

Agency for Health Care Research and Quality, HHS
(1 K08 HS 024552 01)

Funding Period: 4/1/2016 to 3/31/2021

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