Helen Levy

Healthy Michigan Plan CMS Evaluation FY17

Research Project Description
John Z. Ayanian, Sunghee Lee, Edith C. Kieffer, Richard A. Hirth, Jeffrey Todd Kullgren, Susan D. Goold, A. Mark Fendrick, Tammy Chang, Ann-Marie Rosland, Sarah J. Clark, Renuka Tipirneni, Adrianne Nicole Haggins, Helen Levy, Thomas C. Buchmueller, Kevin John Dombkowski

An interdisciplinary team of researchers from the Institute for Healthcare Policy and Innovation has partnered with MDHHS to conduct the evaluation of Michigan's Medicaid expansion, known as the Healthy Michigan Plan (HMP). Per the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, IHPI will carry out evaluation in 6 domains: 1) an analysis of the impact of Medicaid expansion on uncompensated care costs borne by Michigan hospitals; 2) an analysis of the effect of HMP on the number of uninsured in Michigan; 3) the impact of HMP on increasing healthy behaviors and improving health outcomes; 4) the viewpoints of beneficiaries and providers of the impact of HMP; 5/6) the impact of HMP's contribution requirements and MI Health Accounts on beneficiary healthcare utilization.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
(subcontract: MA No. 20170199-00 / Project No. E20171303-00)

Funding Period: 10/1/2016 to 9/30/2017

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