Rob Stephenson

Reducing HIV vulnerability through a multilevel life skills intervention for adolescent men

Research Project Description
Rob Stephenson, Gary W. Harper, Sarah Anne Stoddard, Erin Bonar, Marc A. Zimmerman

We developed a mobile-friendly WebApp intervention focused on life skills training (iCON) across 16 topics, ranging from stigma and discrimination to sexual health, with links to local resources. In the proposed activities, we will adapt iCON for four U.S regions heavily impacted by HIV, and revise the content to include materials that are age-appropriate for 13 to 18 year-olds. Given the role that stigma and social isolation plays in the lives of many AMSM, we also propose to embed a peer-to-peer motivational interviewing component to iCON, allowing participants to access motivational interviewing counseling via VSee video-chat.

National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities
(subcontract: 1 U01 MD 011274 01)

Funding Period: 7/28/2016 to 2/28/2019

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