Yasamin Kusunoki

Research and Training to Enhance a Translational Research Agenda on Intimate Partner Violence and Reproductive Health

Research Project Description

The goal of this internal early career developmental award is to receive intervention/prevention training in violence, specifically intimate partner violence (IPV), and clinical training in reproductive health services, in order to pursue translational research that links these two areas. The training plan will include coursework, directed readings, seminars and meetings, clinical immersion in a variety of reproductive health settings, research project-based learning, and strong mentorship. The first two aims of the research project will be secondary analysis of the associations between IPV and contraceptive practices. Informed by the findings from the first two aims, the third aim will be to conduct a pilot feasibility study, which will provide vital information needed to implement and evaluate the intervention to be developed in the fourth aim.

Funding: Michigan Institute for Clinical and Health Research

Funding Period: 6/1/2014 to 8/31/2016

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