Tiffany C.E. Veinot

Training to Advance Care Through Implementation Science in Cardiac And Lung Illnesses (TACTICAL)

Research Project Description
Theodore J. Iwashyna, Anne Sales, Colin R. Cooke, Deena Costa, Amy K. Dittmar, Susan Dynarski, Wallace J. Hopp, Zachary Landis-Lewis, Brahmajee K. Nallamothu, Gretchen A. Piatt, Karandeep Singh, Rodney A. Hayward, Michele Heisler, Tiffany C.E. Veinot, Sanjay K. Saint, Eve Askanas Kerr, Kevin Ralph Ward

Training to Advance Care Through Implementation Science in Cardiac And Lung Illnesses (TACTICAL) is a proposed training program to dramatically accelerate the pace of implementation science research--and thereby effective delivery of care to patients, beginning with a focus on critically ill patients in the ICU. TACTICAL proposes to do so by immersing clinician-scientists in a rigorous training program that carefully integrates mentored implementation research practica with a formal curriculum. This will be done under the guidance of a cohesive 14-person multidisciplinary faculty and mentor group drawn from across the University of Michigan. Core faculty are drawn from the Schools of Medicine (Internal Medicine, Learning Health Sciences), Nursing, Business (Finance and Operations Management), Education, and Public Policy, as well as the Institute for Social Research and the Provost?s Office.

This postdoctoral training program will support 5 Scholars for a period of 3 years each. This will include a foundation in implementation science and health services research, including theory from psychology, sociology, economics, and operations management; in research designs, including statistical analysis, qualitative methods, and randomized evaluations; in measurement, including the conduct of novel surveys, mobile technologies, non-participant observation, focus groups, elicitation of patient perspectives, secondary data, electronic medical records, administrative records, and detailed costing and finance; and in comparative effectiveness research using multiple designs. This foundation will be delivered through a structured series of individualized research practica that will result in published papers; formal coursework; and mentored independent research. This will culminate in the final year in an application for independent funding as an R01, R21, K08, or K23.

Our vision of success is clear. As part of an independent research career focused on bringing newly discovered best practices to improve patients? lives, our Scholars will take operational leadership positions with large protected time and use those positions as laboratories to both drive change in their own sites and also to develop and evaluate better approaches for driving change nationally and internationally.

In order to achieve this vision, we will draw on 5 basic tenets. First, implementation science demands deep interdisciplinary training. Second, a focus on the complex setting of the ICU and the complexity of implementation interventions required there will drive innovation in both ICU care and implementation science itself. Third, we will center their learning in mentored research with full and careful integration of didactics in service of advancing research. Fourth, our training plan builds on modern learning theory, emphasizing that learners master skills more quickly when didactics are tightly coupled to each Scholar?s own program of research. Fifth, we will build a structure, particularly harnessing cohort and peer effects, that mandates and models productivity while nurturing creativity and tailoring.

National Heart, Lung, And Blood Institute
(1 K12 HL 138039 01)

Funding Period: 9/1/2017 to 6/30/2022

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