Colter Mitchell

Mechanisms Underlying Resilience to Neighborhood Disadvantage

Research Project Description
Luke Williamson Hyde, Sekhar Chandra Sripada, Scott J. Peltier, Colter Mitchell

Luke Hyde is an Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Michigan, Research Assistant Professor at the Center for Human Growth and Development, Research Associate at the Institute for Social Research, and the acting director of the Michigan Neurogenetics and Developmental Psychopathology lab. Dr. Hyde will be a multiple Principle Investigator with Dr. S. Alexandra Burt from Michigan State University (MSU) of proposed study. Dr. Hyde has expertise in developmental psychopathology, functional neuroimaging, youth antisocial behavior, and the effects of contexts such as parenting and neighborhoods on child development. As the UM site PI, Dr. Hyde will play a lead role, with Dr. Burt, in the development, implementation, analysis, and dissemination of the proposed work. Specifically, Dr. Hyde has 11 years of experience conducting studies on low-income, inner city families and youth from age 2 ? 18 and is a licensed clinical psychologist in the State of Michigan. Dr. Hyde will assume primary responsibility for all aspects of the research, such coordinating scheduling with MSU staff, overseeing family participation and all aspects of data collection (e.g., family observations, family surveys, MRI data). As a clinical psychologist, he will train and oversee all staff conducting family interviews. Dr. Hyde will oversee any potential child protection reporting and any urgent psychiatric concerns that may be found during the psychiatric interview (e.g., participant suicidality). He will also oversee and train staff on MRI data pre- and post-processing and basic analysis. Dr. Hyde will coordinate all investigators and analysis at the UM site and work directly with Dr. Burt and MSU staff to seamlessly coordinate the study across MSU and UM. Dr. Hyde will also oversee data entry, cleaning, and analysis and production of professional presentations and publications in coordination with Dr. Burt.

National Institute of Mental Health
(subcontract: 1 UG3 MH 114249 01)

Funding Period: 6/3/2017 to 8/31/2022

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