Amy M. Pienta

Collecting, Archiving, and Publicly Sharing Data for RWJF's Health and Medical Care Archive, 2016-2018

Research Project Description

This renewal will provide two more years of funding for the Health and Medical Care Archive (HMCA) to archive, process, and disseminate RWJF-funded datasets for use by researchers in the health sciences and those who provide health services to the public. The Foundation has long supported HMCA at the University of Michigan's Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) as central to its goal to promote the impact of its investments beyond the life of individual grants through dissemination of original datasets and expanded use of HMCA products. The primary deliverable will be fourteen to eighteen new archived data collections annually. The datasets and documentation will be provided by RWJF grantees at the end of their grant period. Additional deliverables will include new outreach activities to raise awareness about HMCA and to increase the user friendliness of the archive, a redesign of the project web site, and training and technical assistance for HMCA users. A continuing challenge with this program is to ensure that grantees provide files to HMCA for archiving at the end of their grant periods. There are ongoing efforts within the Research-Evaluation-Learning Department at RWJF to ensure that this process is streamlined and grantees explicitly understand this expectation. Some years ago, HMCA was concerned that about not receiving a sufficient number of RWJF-sponsored data collections to process. Now, the challenge appears to be the opposite one: a significant increase in deposits due to increased awareness of HMCA, more proactive contact with investigators by HMCA staff, and additional support from the Foundation in contacting researchers. We are staffed accordingly to meet the challenge of the increased level of data deposits and believe that we are well positioned to meet all goals and deliverables in the renewal period.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Funding Period: 1/15/2016 to 2/28/2018

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