Susan Jekielek

Advancing Knowledge and Building the Research Infrastructure in Education and STEM Learning

Research Project Description
Susan Jekielek, Jared Alan Lyle

ICPSR's services will include:
• Assist with identifying and recruiting major NSF-funded datasets to be deposited for archiving
and public dissemination
• Acquire, preserve, process, and disseminate deposited datasets, including preparation for
online exploration and analysis if appropriate. Datasets vary significantly in terms of complexity
and preparation needed for secondary analysis, so estimates are contingent on our review of
datasets acquired. Contingent on this review, we anticipate acquisition of up to 6 datasets that
could be shared, curated, and made available for secondary analysis.
• Update the bibliography for datasets in the collection
• Update and maintain a unique Education Data Archive Web page at ICPSR (see
• Provide consultation on data management and preparation of data for archival
• Travel to AERA conference once a year and one trip to kickoff project in year one
• ogress and data usage

National Science Foundation

Funding Period: 8/1/2018 to 7/31/2020

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