Philippa J. Clarke

Rehabilitation Research and Training Center (RRTC) on Promoting Healthy Aging for People with Long-Term Physical Disabilities

Research Project Description
Michelle A. Meade, Elham Mahmoudi, Philippa J. Clarke, Michael Matthew McKee, Mark D. Peterson, Rie Suzuki, Amy M. Pienta, Shan Parker, Clive Rahul D'Souza, Neil Kamdar

The RRTC will conduct research and related activities that develop, evaluate and integrate mHealth and / or community based interventions to promote healthy aging for people with long-term physical disabilities, including those living SCI, CP, amputation and others. Research, training, technical assistance and dissemination activities will all be designed address the healthcare disparities experienced by individuals with disabilities and better connect and support them in their homes and communities in order to prevent secondary conditions.

Health and Human Services, Department of-Administration on Aging

Funding Period: 9/30/2018 to 9/29/2023

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