Amy M. Pienta

The University of Michigan Bioinformatics Training Program (Supplement)

Research Project Description
Brian D. Athey, Margit Burmeister, Maureen Sartor, Peter Louis Freddolino, Amy M. Pienta, Jared Alan Lyle, Libby Marie Hemphill, Lynette Hoelter

This is a proposal to develop and deliver a 5 day workshop enhance Rigor, Transparency, and Reproducibility (RTeR) for the NIGMS University of Michigan Bioinformatics Training Program (UM BITP), NIGMS T32 GM0704490552, now in its 12th year. For this effort, the UM-BITP will partner with the UM Institute for Social Research (ISR) and its Inter-University Consortium of Social and Political Research (ICPSR) to develop and give a 5 day workshop in RTeR which will be offered annually. The UM-BITP and ICPSR Faculty will offer this workshop to UM-BITP trainees who have achieved candidacy for PhD studies, those enrolled in Bioinformatics Graduate Program (BGP) who are not in BITP but are Training Grant Eligible (TGE), and the larger cohort of NIGMS T-32 Pre-doctoral program at the University of Michigan will be invited to take the initial annual 5 day workshop in May, 2019.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences
(3 T32 GM 070449 13 S1)

Funding Period: 7/1/2018 to 6/30/2019

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