George C. Alter

CALIFORNIA: Cloud-agnostic Architecture to Locate Indexed FAIR Objects and safely Reuse them in New Integrated Analyses

Research Project Description

This project covers participation of George Alter in the Oxygen Team and the Key Capability 7 working group of the Data Commons Pilot Phase Consortium (DCPPC). The Oxygen Team is focusing on metadata and data discovery tools for the DCPPC. The NIH Data Commons Pilot will test ways to store, access, and share biomedical data and associated tools in the cloud so that they are FAIR. The NIH Data Commons will be implemented initially as a Pilot Phase in which three high-value datasets will serve as test cases for the principles, policies, processes, and architectures that need to be developed. NIH expects the Pilot Phase will occur over 4 years. A multidisciplinary NIH Data Commons Pilot Phase Consortium (DCPPC) including data scientists, computer scientists, information technology engineers, cloud service providers, and biomedical researchers will be established in December 2018.

Office of the Director, NIH
(subcontract: 1 OT3 OD 025462 01)

Funding Period: 4/1/2018 to 11/30/2018

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