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College and Beyond: The 21st Century -- Planning Grant Stage 2

Research Project Description

With support from the Mellon Foundation in February 2018, ICPSR embarked upon a planning process for the building of College and Beyond II: the 21st Century ? a general use and extensible data base that researchers and institutions will draw upon to analyze the impacts on students of studying the liberal arts. We have advanced the planning through these early months and seek support for the next round of the planning process. Defining and designing a large scale data collection of confidential data that aims to support research on such a broad set of questions in such a broad set of fields has required (and will continue to require) more definitional work than would be required in carrying out a research project aimed at testing one particular research hypothesis.

The work of reaching out to and incorporating the counsel of researchers in different fields and external data collection agencies will build a strong base for C&B2; it also requires early consultation and inclusivity of various partners so as to minimize surprises and critique of the project?s design in the future. We believe that with the right design and with a properly framed value proposition to the participating institutions, C&B2 can draw together institutions, students, and researchers to move past a ?leap of faith? approach to asserting where and for whom the liberal arts are and are not an effective means of educating students.

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Funding Period: 8/1/2018 to 10/31/2018

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