Richard A. Miech

Monitoring the Future: Drug Use and Lifestyles of American Youth - Administrative Supplement

Research Project Description

JUUL is a brand name for devices in a newly-emerged class of vaping products called pod-mods. These are small, rechargeable devices that aerosolize liquid solutions containing salt-based nicotine, flavoring, and other contents encapsulated in `pod? cartridges. The devices appear to be gaining traction among youth, with media stories highlighting anecdotal reports from students, parents, teachers, and superintendents indicating rampant youth use of these products. There is reason to be concerned that adolescent use of pod-mods is not a passing trend and could bring a host of adverse health consequences to the current generation of youth.

Currently unknown are the national prevalence of JUUL and other pod-mod use among youth, the optimal questions to survey youth about these devices, and information on the associated use patterns, beliefs and perceptions that are needed to inform regulatory policies. To address this gap we propose to piggy-back questions about JUUL and other pod-mods on to the Monitoring the Future survey (MTF). Every year MTF conducts nationally-representative, in-school surveys of a total of 45,000 8th, 10th, and 12th grade students. The survey will have students record their survey responses on digital tablets, which provide unique opportunities for detailed questions on JUUL and pod-mod devices. These opportunities include the capability to include pictures of the products on the survey, as well as the ability to branch respondents to detailed questions on pod-mods automatically based on answers to previous questions. One strength of MTF is its rapid turnaround, with final results publicly reported in the same year that the data are collected.

National Institute On Drug Abuse
(subcontract: 3 R01 DA 001411 44 S1)

Funding Period: 8/1/2018 to 3/31/2022

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