H. Luke Shaefer

U-M/City of Detroit Homelessness Policy Fellow

Research Project Description

The Poverty Solutions Initiative at the University of Michigan, and the City of Detroit, are seeking funding to secure a Homelessness Fellow to support the City's efforts in combating homelessness. Over the course of the last three years, the City of Detroit has been an active participant in the Continuum of Care for homeless services, and engaged in leadership teams focused on ending Veteran homelessness and homelessness among the chronically homeless. While the City has been active in the space, they recognize the need for more leadership within City government to drive progress on this issue.

The goal in bringing on a Homelessness Fellow is to increase City of Detroit capacity and leadership around homelessness policy, and connect with the larger community to help them understand causes of homelessness, evidence based solutions to help people obtain permanent housing, and how the business community can assist in meeting this goal. The Fellow will be overseen by Meghan Takashima, the City's Homelessness Solutions Director.

Poverty Solutions at the University of Michigan will add significant capacity to this effort. The Fellow will be supported by Jennifer Erb-Downward, a Senior Research Associate at Poverty Solutions, who formerly worked at the Institute for Children, Poverty, and Homelessness in New York, NY, and since coming to Poverty Solutions has published several influential research briefs on child homelessness in Michigan. Jennifer's work focuses on family homelessness, and her knowledge in this area will help inform the Fellow's work as the City works towards a comprehensive approach to homelessness prevention that includes a focus on families, and partnering with the school system.

In structuring the Fellowship as a collaboration between the City of Detroit and the University of Michigan, the Fellow will be contributing to the Detroit Partnership on Economic Mobility, a strong and active partnership between U-M and the City of Detroit to alleviate poverty and promote economic mobility in the City. The Fellow will be joining our Affordable Housing Fellow and Digital Inclusion Fellow, who will also be working at the City, and supported by Poverty Solutions at U-M. The Fellow will have access to the Detroit-based Poverty Solutions staff, as we look for more ways in which U-M faculty, staff, and students can add value to the City's efforts. The Fellow will have a budget for travel to conferences and other networking opportunities, to ensure that promising practices from across the country are applied in Detroit. And finally, while actively working on City initiatives, the Fellow will have access to U-M world-class research, policy training, library resources and direct mentorship from U-M staff that will amplify the Fellow's short and long-term impact.

Quicken Loans
(Support Agreement G-1808-04248)

Funding Period: 12/1/2018 to 5/31/2020

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