Susan Jekielek

Early Care and Education Data Archive

Research Project Description

Our approach for an ECE data archive builds on ICPSR's extensive experience archiving, preserving, and disseminating data, (including over 300 studies relevant to child care, Head Start, and other early care and education issues), and on the infrastructure that supports these activities. The technological approach adheres closely to the objectives stated in the RFP:

A. Establish and maintain a secure archive that adheres to applicable laws and regulations to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of ECE datasets and supporting materials (objective 1).

B. Prepare ECE datasets and supporting meta-data (objective 2).

C. Create and maintain an interactive, ?user-friendly? interface that supports a range of data users from novice to sophisticated, provides easy and continuous access to ECE datasets and metadata through the internet, protects against disclosure-related sensitivities (objective 3), includes a search function that allows users to search through the metadata (objective 4), and includes a searchable digital library of research publications (peer-reviewed publications and gray or white papers) based on the datasets (objective 5).

D. Promote Collaboration to promote the use of datasets among end-users including researchers, policy analysts, and other stakeholders through a variety of training, technical assistance, and dissemination activities (objective 6).

E. Remain up-to-date about advances and regulations in the field of data archiving and develop innovative strategies that could be implemented into the archive when directed by the COR (objective 7).

Administration for Children and Families, HHS
(HHSP233201800021C - CLIN 1)

Funding Period: 9/28/2018 to 9/27/2023

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