Amy M. Pienta

Developing an On-line Training Video for Data Management and Archiving

Research Project Description

Recognizing that there is increasing pressure on the scientific community for research transparency and access to research data, the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) will draw on their expertise in data management and data sharing to develop data management training for the National Institute on Disability and Independent Living, and Rehabilitation Research (NIDILRR). Through webinars, in-person training, and consultation, ICPSR provides a wide range of support to researchers to support data sharing. Building on this existing training content, ICPSR will develop and produce a 90-minute training video about steps to take to prepare data for sharing and archiving. The training video will be customized for the needs of NIDILRR grantees who are required to share their research data.

ICPSR will identify existing training content on data management and data sharing for NIDILRR to review. In consultation with NIDILRR, the scope of the training content for the video will be selected. Video content will be outline, written, and refined. It will be supported by a visual design for the video. ICPSR will create two mock-ups for the slide background for review, refinement, and selection by NIDILRR. Using this design, the entire video will have a consistent look and feel. ICPSR will provide a set of images (from a licensed stock photography service) to be added to the slides to enhance the visual impact of the training content. We will prepare slides, design elements, plan transitions as well as write a script to accompany slides and visuals for the final video production. ICPSR will get NIDILRR's approval at key points in the process and before producing the final video. ICPSR will produce the video and add captions based on the written script. ICPSR will publish the video to YouTube, on the ICPSR YouTube channel or elsewhere, for NIDILRR to share widely.

Health and Human Services, Department of-Administration on Aging

Funding Period: 9/30/2018 to 12/30/2018

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