Richard A. Miech

Center for the Assessment of the Public Health Impact of Tobacco Regulations

Research Project Description
Rafael Meza, Megan E. Patrick, Jihyoun Jeon, Marisa Cristina Eisenberg, David Mendez, Ritesh Mistry, Richard A. Miech, Nancy Fleischer, Paula M. Lantz, Ella August, Jeremy Michael George Taylor, Andrew Frederick Brouwer, Kenneth E. Warner

To evaluate the public health impacts of tobacco use and regulation, information must be gathered from different sources on tobacco use behaviors, health risks and the impact of regulations on use patterns of tobacco products. This information must then be synthesized and processed in a systematic and objective manner, helping policy makers to gauge the impact that such regulations would have at the population level and aiding them in their decision-making process. Simulation modeling of tobacco use patterns and related health outcomes can serve as one of the key tools to assist the CTP in evaluating and predicting population-level benefits and harms resulting from regulatory policies pertaining to new and existing tobacco products, When well applied, modeling becomes not only a vehicle for analyzing the impact of policies, but also a way of organizing and synthesizing different sources of information and determining gaps in that information, especially in situations where tobacco use patterns vary for different populations.

National Cancer Institute

Funding Period: 9/14/2018 to 8/31/2023

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