Margaret Hicken

Social support and reading level in cognitive aging among African Americans and Hispanics (Supplement)

Research Project Description
Laura Beth Zahodne, Margaret Hicken, Toni C. Antonucci


Ketlyne Sol, PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow. Dr. Sol is a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Michigan Department of Psychology. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Loma Linda University in September 2015. Her clinical training is in rehabilitation psychology with extensive training in the assessment and treatment of individuals with chronic disabling illness and traumatic and other acquired physical disability, of which a large proportion were older adults. She has also been exposed to neuropsychological assessment of older adults throughout her clinical training. During her graduate career, she has worked on several research projects and presented at national scientific conferences on various factors in physical disability and rehabilitation including their impacts within family systems; on individuals overcoming physical barriers to obtain peer support and improve treatment engagement; on risk factors contributing to chronicity of symptoms and rehabilitation outcomes; and protective and risk factors in cognitive function. Her first postdoctoral year (2015-2016) focused on clinical training in rehabilitation psychology in the acute inpatient rehabilitation unit at the University of Michigan Medical Center with patients with a variety of medical diagnoses impacting the central nervous system and resulting in physical disability. Since 2016, her postdoctoral training has focused on research training in health disparities by examining psychosocial protective and risk factors that contribute to disparities in cognitive aging, with an emphasis on ethnic minority older adults. These experiences have culminated in Dr. Sol leading two manuscripts that incorporate evaluations of psychosocial factors and cognitive function; both manuscripts will be completed and submitted for publication this summer. Additionally, Dr. Sol was recently selected to attend the Advanced Psychometrics Methods in Cognitive Aging Research conference as well as the summer workshop of the Michigan Center for Urban African-American Aging Research. Dr. Sol will be responsible for coordinating with parent grant personnel regarding data relevant to the supplement project. Dr. Sol will also work with her mentors to perform data analyses and prepare results for dissemination throughout the study. The combination of Dr. Sol's clinical training, her recent research experiences in cognitive aging, the workshops she will be attending this summer, and the team of experts from whom she will be receiving mentorship provide Dr. Sol much invaluable experience from which to successfully execute (with any troubleshooting as needed) the research and training goals of the proposed project.

National Institute on Aging
(subcontract: 2(GG012967-02))

Funding Period: 9/1/2018 to 5/31/2022

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