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Registry of Efficacy and Effectiveness Studies (REES) Project at ICPSR

Research Project Description

Registry of Efficacy and Effectiveness (REES) has been built in the current software architecture with the intent that it would move to a more sustainable, hosted environment once it was ready to be rolled out into production. In cooperation with Society for Research on Educational Effectiveness (SREE), ICPSR will move the data, application, and the hosting environment from the current limited environment for REES to a readily available and flexible cloud hosting platform built on ICPSR standards for website hosting in the cloud (AWS). REES will remain on ICPSR's cloud server while work is being completed to transfer REES to a more sustainable software platform at ICPSR. No changes to the application are anticipated as the application components currently being used to develop the initial release will be deployed in the cloud platform supported by ICPSR.

ICPSR will design and build an infrastructure in their AWS cloud server. ICPSR will assist with domain naming services, and developing and implementing a data backup and recovery plan while REES resides on ICPSR's cloud server. Finally, ICPSR will develop a technology roadmap to transition REES permanently to ICPSR. We will work with SREE to identify features that are required.

Education, U.S. Department of

Funding Period: 9/1/2018 to 1/31/2019

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