Amy M. Pienta

National Addiction and HIV Data Archive Program

Research Project Description

Building on best practices and new developments at the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) at the University of Michigan, an innovative model is proposed by a team of researchers and data archiving professionals to continue to grow the National Addiction and Data Archive Program (NAHDAP) in response to RFP No. NIHDA201800362, from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The existing archive at ICPSR, beginning in 2009, has provided a powerful archive of data and tools for use by the field to advance science to solve society's health challenges related to drug abuse, substance use and HIV/AIDS, and related outcomes. ICPSR is proposing to continue developing the archive, expand access to data (now and in the future), and reorient the infrastructure to support increasing the stream of data that is added to the archive to further its reach and impact. Over the next five years, the technical approach adheres to the objectives stated in the RFP. ICPSR will:

1. Acquire New Data by building on our deep knowledge of drug abuse (and HIV) studies and engaging with scientists from NIDA and related communities to recruit and archive data that are of value to the field.

2. Provide Techincal Assistance to Potential Data Contributors through our efforts to expand and refine our offering of technical assistance (including resources and written guidance) to potential data contributors who have collected data to address questions, challenges, and uncertainties about data archiving.

3. Develop and Implement Communication and Outreach about NAHDAP and its data resources through communication and outreach to established audiences as well as inviting new audiences to make use of NAHDAP and its data.

4. Expand Data Use through Technical Assistance to Data Users including the organization of webinars and in-person training on topics ranging from finding data using NAHDAP's website to the understanding the methodology of individual data collections and how they were archived to state-of-the-art methods for analyzing secondary data available to the field.

5. Provide Techincal Assistance to Newly Funded NIDA Researchers Starting Data Collection by ensuring research staff has sufficient training and knowledge to create thoroughly documented and usable data that is easy to share and archive at the end of their project.

6. Systematically Prioritize NAHDAP's Data Curation Efforts to ensure data are archived and curated at the appropriate level of curation with highest priority datasets released at the highest level of usability while making others available with less effort/cost.

7. Monitor the Repository Community and ensure NAHDAP is best positioned to be synchronized with any relevant new repository approaches, methods or developments.

National Institute On Drug Abuse
(75N95019C00017 / NIDA Reference No. N01DA-19-5587)

Funding Period: 4/1/2019 to 3/31/2024

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