Amy M. Pienta

Developing Evidence-based Data Sharing and Archiving Policies

Research Project Description
Libby Marie Hemphill, Amy M. Pienta, Dharma Raell Akmon, Andrea Karoline Thomer, Elizabeth Yakel

Recent policy changes at funding agencies and academic journals have pushed for more data sharing among researchers and between researchers and the public. The basic argument is that data sharing facilitates advances in science and provides the transparency necessary for evaluation and verification of results. The NSF's Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences directorate's data archiving policy, for instance, references the potentially transformative work enabled by sharing data across disciplines and highlights the utility of data sharing in training the next generation of scientists.

Though the new policies encourage sharing and provide some suggested archives, including ICPSR, they do not explain what constitutes an ?appropriate? dataset for archiving or provide metrics for determining the value of datasets to secondary users. Most policies around data sharing also suggest the costs for preparing data for sharing and for its archiving should be paid by researchers, either those who conduct the primary research or those wishing to do secondary research with existing data. Questions about how to allocate data sharing resources efficiently and responsibly go unanswered. For instance, data sharing policies recognize that not all data should be curated and preserved, but they do not articulate metrics or guidelines for determining what data is most worthy of investment.

National Science Foundation

Funding Period: 12/1/2019 to 11/30/2022

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