Carlos Mendes de Leon

Integrating social determinants of health into clinical services for the Arab American and immigrant community

Research Project Description
Carlos Mendes de Leon, Minal Ravindra Patel

This work is important for the following reasons. First, the association between social factors and cancer risk is an important area that remains understudied. Second, examining the genetic associations with cancer risk in a nationally-representative population is critical to determine the generalizability of previous associations from case-control studies and their utility in clinical risk stratification; the depth of data available in the HRS will allow us to also explore whether these genetic associations differ by established risk factors, potentially identifying population subgroups in whom these genetic associations have greater utility. Finally, enhancement of the publically-available HRS data resource to include validated cancer outcomes will provide an invaluable resource for the further study of cancer by other cancer epidemiologists.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
(Letter of Agreement)

Funding Period: 9/15/2019 to 9/14/2022

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