Margaret Levenstein

RAISE: C-Accel Pilot - Track A1 (Open Knowledge Network): Network for Equity in the Era of Driverless Vehicles

Research Project Description
Robert Cornelius Hampshire, Elisabeth Gerber, Carol Ann Flannagan, Hosagrahar V. Jagadish, Kathleen DeSantis Klinich, Margaret Levenstein, Jonathan Levine, Matthew Paul Reed, Aditi Misra, Gbolahan Fabusuyi, Alexandra Murphy

We propose to create an open knowledge network (OKN) at the interface of transportation and equity. The scientific aim is to enable inquiry into the systematic impacts of new mobility modes and driverless vehicles on equity and economic growth. This line of inquiry is of urgent national importance given the imminent deployment of autonomous vehicles. The proposed transportation open knowledge network (OKN) would broader impacts far beyond transportation given that the transportation sector enables the rest of the economy and social life. Key values of the research team are 1) broadening the inclusion of communities of learners of underrepresented discoverers , and 2) fostering a diverse community of contributors to the development and sustaining of the OKN.

National Science Foundation

Funding Period: 9/1/2019 to 5/31/2020

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