Sunghee Lee

CRE-Nielsen Multi-Device Bias Contract

Research Project Description

Michigan will review the study design, questionnaire and perform independent analysis as directed by CRE/Nielsen ("the Services") as of the effective date. The Services consist of:

- Review the proposed research design for the study and provide evaluation of the design including possible suggestions for enhancements/changes

- Review and provide written evaluation of the questionnaire and script for Nonresponse follow-up study

- Participate in the pretesting of the questionnaire and provide suggestions for changes from the pretesting

- Review Nielsen data analysis of cooperation and viewing in current panel and provide feedback

- Attend meetings at least monthly with CRE/Nielsen on the project

- Conduct independent analysis of the survey data to evaluate nonresponse

- Deliver final report and presentation on the findings from the independent analysis and suggestions for how to address any nonresponse bias uncovered

Nielsen Company, The
(CRE-Nielson Multi Device Task Order)

Funding Period: 1/1/2016 to 3/31/2019

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